LArSoft  v08_42_01
Liquid Argon Software toolkit -

A set of python modules for using Geant4

System Requirements


Building system is migrated to CMake system.


Python2.x and Python 3.x (experimental)


Boost_Python is needed.


ROOT for histogramming/analysis

Tested Platforms

  • CentOS7 (RH7 clones)
  • OSX (Sierra)

How to Install

Before building library, GEANT4_INSTALL environment variable should be set.

# export GEANT4_INSTALL=<Geant4 install path> (zsh, bash)
# setenv GEANT4_INSTALL <Geant4 install path> (csh)
(G4 install path is the path specified by "CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX" when building Geant4)


# mkdir build
# cd build
# cmake ..   
# make
# make install

By default, g4py is installed in <g4py>/lib(64) directory.

Before doing tests with CTest, you have to set environment variables for Geant4 data.

# make
# make install
# ctest

performs automatic unit/integration tests with CTest.

How to Use:

Some environment variables are required at run time.


Python module search directories, given by a colon-separated list of directories, like

# export PYTHONPATH=<g4py>/lib64:<g4py>/lib64/examples:<g4py>/lib64/tests  (zsh, bash)
# setenv PYTHONPATH <g4py>/lib64:<g4py>/lib64/examples:<g4py>/lib64/tests (csh)

Getting started

You can import Geant4Py modules in Python just like

>>> import Geant4