LArSoft  v08_42_01
Liquid Argon Software toolkit -
Test Modules

This module collects a set of tests for python wrapping of C++ elements.

"*testXX*" directories contain tests without Geant4 package.
"*gtestXX*" directories contain tests with Geant4 package.

Basic tests

Test Description
test00 hallo world
test01 simple class wrapping
test02 simple inheritance
test03 singleton w/o public constructor
can NOT be compiled.
test04 call policies
test05 function overloading & default arguments
test06 python inheritance from base class
test07 enums
test08 static member function
test09 operators
test10 call by-reference
test11 no_init
test12 indexing a STL vector
test13 test for a list argument/return

Function tests

Test Description
gtest01 user application
gtest02 test for using site-module packages
gtest03 test for EZsim package
gtest04 test for getting command tree and command information
gtest05 test for constructing CSG geometries in Python
gtest06 test for constructing/visualizing boolean geoemtries
gtest07 test for checking overlapped geometries