LArSoft  v08_42_01
Liquid Argon Software toolkit -
MPI/Examples : exMPI01


A simple application


  • Geometry : chamber / calorimeter
  • Primary : particle gun (200 MeV electron as default)
  • Physics List : FTFP_BERT


  • Particles are transported in a geometry without any scoring.
  • Learn how to parallelized your G4 session.

How to build

Use CMake on Geant4 library installed with CMake build.

This example requires G4mpi library to be installed (see examples/extended/parallel/MPI/source/

Follow these commands,

> mkdir build
> cd build
> cmake -DG4mpi_DIR=<where-G4mpi-wasintalled>/lib[64]/G4mpi -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=mpicxx \
  -DGeant4_DIR=<your Geant4 install path>/lib[64]/Geant4-V.m.n <path-to-source>
  (V.m.n is the version of Geant4, eg. Geant4-9.6.0)
> make
> make install

Repalce mpicxx with your MPI-compiler wrapper