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MPI/Examples : exMPI03


An example of dosimetry in a water phantom. The example has same geometry and physics as exMPI02, only the analysis part is diffenrent.


  • Geometry : water phantom
  • Primary : broad beam (200 MeV proton)
  • Physics List : FTFP_BERT
  • Analysis : g4tools histogramming

The environment variables, G4LEDATA, G4LEVELGAMMADATA and G4SAIDXSDATA are required for data files.


  • Score dose distribution in a water phantom.
  • Learn how to paralleized your applications.
  • Create a ROOT file containing histograms/trees in each node. Each slave node generate a ROOT file, whose file name is different from each other.
  • MT is enabled.
  • One of each object supported by g4tools is instantiated: 1D, 2D and 3D histograms and 1D and 2D profiles.
  • Histograms and profiles are merged first among threads of the same MPI-rank and then across MPI-ranks. See RunActionMaster class for an example on how to use the mergers.
  • G4Run object and scorers (command line ones) are also merged via MPI.
  • Output: several root files are created: dose-rank*.root thread-merged histograms for each rank; dose-merged.root, merged across threads and across ranks.

How to build

Use CMake on Geant4 library installed with CMake build.

This example requires G4mpi library to be installed (see examples/extended/parallel/MPI/source/

Follow these commands,

> mkdir build
> cd build
> cmake -DG4mpi_DIR=<where-G4mpi-wasintalled>/lib[64]/G4mpi -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=mpicxx \
  -DGeant4_DIR=<your Geant4 install path>/lib[64]/Geant4-V.m.n <path-to-source>
  (V.m.n is the version of Geant4, eg. Geant4-9.6.0)
> make
> make install

Repalce mpicxx with your MPI-compiler wrapper