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ana::ISyst Class Reference

Encapsulate code to systematically shift a caf::SRProxy. More...

#include "/cvmfs/"

Inheritance diagram for ana::ISyst:
ana::BeamIntensitySyst ana::BeamNueScaleSyst ana::BeamSyst ana::BolombMuESyst2019 ana::ContainmentSyst ana::CorrMuEScaleSyst2019 ana::CosmicBkgScaleSyst ana::DirectHadEScaleSyst2017 ana::DirectRelHadEScaleSyst2017 ana::DISHighWScaleSyst ana::DummyAnaSyst ana::DummyNue2017Syst ana::DummyNueSyst ana::DummyNumu2017Syst ana::DummyRockScaleSyst ana::EvtRNGSyst ana::GenericSystComponentScale< T > ana::GeniePCASyst ana::HadEnergyScaleSyst ana::IRescaledSigmaSyst ana::KaonScaleSyst ana::LEMScaleSyst ana::MECDoubleGaussEnhSyst ana::MECGaussEnhSyst ana::MECGaussEnhSyst ana::MichelTaggingSyst2018 ana::MinosResSuppSyst ana::MinosResSuppSyst ana::MuEnergyScaleSyst ana::MuEScaleSyst2017 ana::MyWrongSignScale ana::NCScaleSyst ana::NCtest ana::NDSummedSmallGENIESyst ana::NDSystFromHist ana::NormSyst ana::NOvARwgtSyst ana::NueAcceptSystBkg2018FHC ana::NueAcceptSystBkg2018RHC ana::NueAcceptSystSignalKin2018FHC ana::NueAcceptSystSignalKin2018RHC ana::NueBkgFirstAnaSyst ana::NueExtrapSystBkg2017 ana::NueExtrapSystSignalKin2017 ana::NueSigFirstAnaSyst ana::NueSystFromHist ana::Nuetest ana::NumuCCScaleSyst ana::NumuEnergyScaleSyst ana::NumuGEANTNormSyst ana::NumuGEANTScaleSyst ana::NumuNCScaleSyst ana::NumuNormSyst ana::NumuRelEnergyScaleSyst ana::NumuRelNormSyst ana::NumuSummedSmallGENIESyst ana::NumuTauContaminationSyst ana::Numutest ana::Nus17FlatSyst ana::Nus17SystFromHist ana::Nus18BaseSyst ana::Nus18FlatSyst ana::Nus18SystFromHist ana::NusFlatSyst ana::NusISyst ana::NusSystFromHist ana::NuWROSyst ana::PileupMuESyst2019 ana::RelMuEScaleSyst2017 ana::RelNormSyst ana::RemIDScaleSyst ana::RockMuonNormSyst ana::SABirksSyst ana::SACalibXYSyst ana::SACalibYFuncSyst ana::SANoiseSyst ana::SummedSyst ana::SystFromWeight ana::UnCorrFDMuEScaleSyst2019 ana::UnCorrMuCatMuESyst2019 ana::UnCorrNDMuEScaleSyst2019 ana::WrongSignContamination ana::WrongSignEnergyBin ana::WrongSignEnergyBinRHC ana::WrongSignScale ana::WrongSignScale100 demo::DemoSyst1 demo::DemoSyst2 jw::IRescaledSigmaSyst jw::IRescaledSigmaSyst test::QuadraticParameter

Public Member Functions

 ISyst (const std::string &shortName, const std::string &latexName)
 ISyst (const ISyst &)=delete
 ISyst (ISyst &&rhs)=delete
virtual ~ISyst ()
ISystoperator= (const ISyst &)=delete
ISystoperator= (ISyst &&)=delete
virtual const std::string & ShortName () const final
 The name printed out to the screen. More...
virtual const std::string & LatexName () const final
 The name used on plots (ROOT's TLatex syntax) More...
virtual void Shift (double sigma, caf::SRProxy *sr, double &weight) const
 Perform the systematic shift. More...
virtual void TruthShift (double sigma, caf::SRNeutrinoProxy *nu, double &weight) const
virtual bool IsGenieReweight () const
 GENIE reweights can only provide +/-1,2sigma. More...

Private Attributes

std::string fShortName
std::string fLatexName

Detailed Description

Encapsulate code to systematically shift a caf::SRProxy.

The Shift() function alters the caf::StandardRecord or the weight associated with the event.

Definition at line 14 of file ISyst.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ana::ISyst::ISyst ( const std::string &  shortName,
const std::string &  latexName 

Definition at line 10 of file ISyst.cxx.

References ana::Registry< T >::Register().

12  : fShortName(shortName), fLatexName(latexName)
13  {
15  }
static void Register(const T *s)
Definition: Registry.cxx:20
std::string fLatexName
Definition: ISyst.h:60
std::string fShortName
Definition: ISyst.h:59
string shortName
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ana::ISyst::ISyst ( const ISyst )
ana::ISyst::ISyst ( ISyst &&  rhs)
ana::ISyst::~ISyst ( )

Definition at line 18 of file ISyst.cxx.

References ana::Registry< T >::UnRegister().

19  {
20  // Normally ISysts should last for the life of the process, but in case one
21  // is deleted it's best not to leave a dangling pointer in Registry.
23  }
static void UnRegister(const T *s)
Definition: Registry.cxx:44

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool ana::ISyst::IsGenieReweight ( ) const

GENIE reweights can only provide +/-1,2sigma.

Reimplemented in ana::SummedSyst.

Definition at line 56 of file ISyst.h.

56 {return false;}
virtual const std::string& ana::ISyst::LatexName ( ) const

The name used on plots (ROOT's TLatex syntax)

Definition at line 30 of file ISyst.h.

References Munits::sr, and plotSysts::weight.

Referenced by ana::PredictionInterp::DebugPlotColz(), GetGENIEShiftLabels(), ana::NusISyst::SaveTo(), SystsGENIEAna(), and WriteSystName().

30 {return fLatexName;}
std::string fLatexName
Definition: ISyst.h:60
ISyst& ana::ISyst::operator= ( const ISyst )
ISyst& ana::ISyst::operator= ( ISyst &&  )
void ana::ISyst::Shift ( double  sigma,
caf::SRProxy sr,
double &  weight 
) const

Perform the systematic shift.

Override this function if your systematic depends on non-SRNeutrino quantities. If it is SRNeutrino-only, implement the other function, and let this default forward to you when necessary.

sigmaNumber of sigma to shift record by
srThe record to inspect and alter
weightScale this weight for reweighting systematics

Reimplemented in ana::MinosResSuppSyst, ana::MECDoubleGaussEnhSyst, ana::NusISyst, ana::MECGaussEnhSyst, jw::MECInitStateNPFracShift, ana::DISHighWScaleSyst, jw::CompNormSyst, ana::ContainmentSyst, ana::RockMuonNormSyst, ana::NumuRelEnergyScaleSyst, ana::BolombMuESyst2019, ana::MinosResSuppSyst, ana::RemIDScaleSyst, ana::CompNormSyst, ana::NumuEnergyScaleSyst, ana::LEMScaleSyst, ana::PileupMuESyst2019, ana::NumuRelNormSyst, ana::BeamIntensitySyst, ana::KaonScaleSyst, ana::NumuNormSyst, ana::NumuCCScaleSyst, ana::NumuTauContaminationSyst, ana::UnCorrMuCatMuESyst2019, ana::MECGaussEnhSyst, ana::BeamNueScaleSyst, demo::DemoSyst2, ana::DirectRelHadEScaleSyst2017, ana::NumuNCScaleSyst, ana::NCScaleSyst, ana::Nus18BaseSyst, ana::UnCorrNDMuEScaleSyst2019, ana::FDMuEnergyScaleSyst, ana::MyWrongSignScale, ana::RelNormSyst, ana::DummyRockScaleSyst, ana::DirectHadEScaleSyst2017, ana::Nus18FlatSyst, ana::NDSummedSmallGENIESyst, ana::FDHadEnergyScaleSyst, ana::NormSyst, ana::UnCorrFDMuEScaleSyst2019, ana::MuEnergyScaleSyst, ana::WrongSignScale100, ana::NueAcceptSystSignalKin2018RHC, ana::NusFlatSyst, ana::RelMuEScaleSyst2017, ana::Nus17FlatSyst, ana::Numutest, ana::NumuSummedSmallGENIESyst, ana::SABirksSyst, ana::Nus18SystFromHist, ana::NueBkgFirstAnaSyst, ana::NueAcceptSystBkg2018RHC, ana::NueSystFromHist, ana::WrongSignEnergyBin, ana::Nuetest, ana::SANoiseSyst, ana::GenericSystComponentScale< T >, ana::NDSystFromHist, ana::CorrMuEScaleSyst2019, ana::NumuGEANTScaleSyst, ana::NueSigFirstAnaSyst, ana::GenericSystComponentScale< T >, ana::HadEnergyScaleSyst, ana::NueAcceptSystSignalKin2018FHC, ana::NuWROSyst, ana::WrongSignEnergyBinRHC, ana::GenericSystComponentScale< T >, jw::CompNormSyst, ana::DummyNueSyst, ana::NueExtrapSystSignalKin2017, ana::SystFromWeight, ana::MuEScaleSyst2017, ana::SACalibYFuncSyst, ana::NusSystFromHist, ana::NCtest, ana::Nus17SystFromHist, ana::DummyNumu2017Syst, ana::SummedSyst, ana::DummyNue2017Syst, ana::GeniePCASyst, ana::NumuGEANTNormSyst, ana::DummyAnaSyst, ana::NueAcceptSystBkg2018FHC, ana::NeutronVisEScaleSyst2018, ana::NueExtrapSystBkg2017, ana::CosmicBkgScaleSyst, ana::MichelTaggingSyst2018, ana::WrongSignScale, ana::SACalibXYSyst, and ana::WrongSignContamination.

Definition at line 26 of file ISyst.cxx.

References caf::SRProxy::mc, caf::SRTruthBranchProxy::nnu, caf::SRTruthBranchProxy::nu, and TruthShift().

Referenced by jw::CompNormSyst::CompNormSyst(), fnex::CAFToEventList::FillMCVarVals(), and ana::GenericSystComponentScale< T >::Shift().

27  {
28  // Override this function if your systematic depends on non-SRNeutrino
29  // quantities. If it is SRNeutrino-only, implement the other function,
30  // and let this default forward to you when necessary.
31  if(sr->mc.nnu > 0) TruthShift(sigma, &sr->[0], weight);
32  }
VectorProxy< SRNeutrinoProxy > nu
Definition: SRProxy.h:1890
const Var weight
virtual void TruthShift(double sigma, caf::SRNeutrinoProxy *nu, double &weight) const
Definition: ISyst.h:46
Proxy< short int > nnu
Definition: SRProxy.h:1899
SRTruthBranchProxy mc
Definition: SRProxy.h:2253
virtual const std::string& ana::ISyst::ShortName ( ) const
virtual void ana::ISyst::TruthShift ( double  sigma,
caf::SRNeutrinoProxy nu,
double &  weight 
) const

For systematics that deal only with the neutrino truth and not any reconstruction/PID details. Systematics defined this way will work on nuTree-derived spectra too (e.g. denominators of efficiencies).

Reimplemented in ana::BeamSyst, demo::DemoSyst1, ana::GenericSystComponentScale< T >, ana::GenericSystComponentScale< T >, ana::GenericSystComponentScale< T >, and ana::NOvARwgtSyst.

Definition at line 46 of file ISyst.h.

Referenced by Shift().

49  {
50  // Implement this function if your systematic depends only
51  // SRNeutrino. Left blank by default, since systematics using other
52  // information can do nothing sensible to the nuTree.
53  }

Member Data Documentation

std::string ana::ISyst::fLatexName

Definition at line 60 of file ISyst.h.

std::string ana::ISyst::fShortName

Definition at line 59 of file ISyst.h.

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