This page presents a visualisation of the PC-list base releases used to process calibration files. It is intended to guide choices over how to form calibration datasets.

There are a number of artdaq releases that can be selected for each detector. To view the relationship between these and raw files see this page.

The top row of the chart shows all of the artdaq files produced by a given detector and trigger stream. The subsequent rows represent pclist files produced by the calibration process. For every run a single box is drawn, the height of these boxes is proportional to the number of subruns.

PC-list files are colour coded from blue to red according to the fraction of artdaq subruns shown. Complete runs are green.

Where definitions are present these are shown as coloured rectangles overlaying the run ranges they contain.

Duplicate entries in multiple rows indicate that a given raw file has been processed multiple times. Cases where the number of pclist files in a given row exceeds the number of artdaq files usually indicates that additional processing with a nova.special flag set was undertaken.

The data is correct as of November 24th 2015. Periodic updating is being tested.