Latest Results of the $\nu_e$ Appearance and $\nu_\mu$ Disappearance analyses

On July 4th we presented our latest results at the Neutrino conference. Check here to download the files and the talk. These surfaces contain the Delta chi^2 (-2log(L)) surfaces for the NOvA numu and nue analyses presented at Neutrino 2016 in London. The value in each bin represents the result at that bin's center. In each NH/IH pair of surfaces the values are given with respect to the same overall best fit chi^2. The surfaces have been profiled over a variety of systematic nuisance parameters, and over un-displayed oscillation parameters. The most significant of these are delta_CP, allowed to vary freely in the numu surfaces; and sin^2(2theta_13) which is taken as a Gaussian constraint 0.085+/-0.005 in the nue surfaces.
NOvA FD Live Event Image

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