LArSoft  v08_61_00
Liquid Argon Software toolkit -
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NcaldataCreation of calibrated signals on wires
 NcheatCode to link reconstructed objects back to the MC truth information
 NclusterCluster finding and building
 NdetinfoGeneral LArSoft Utilities
 NdetsimDetector simulation of raw signals on wires
 NdumpCollection of utilities for dumping data on screen
 NevdLArSoft includes
 NeventEvent finding and building
 NevgbPhysics generators for neutrinos, cosmic rays, and others
 NevgenEvent Generation using GENIE, cosmics or single particles
 NfhiclParameter set interface
 NfilterFramework includes
 Ng4bBasic interface to Geant4 for ART-based software
 NgenfGeneric Interface to magnetic fields in GENFIT
 NgenieGENIE neutrino interaction simulation objects
 NgeoNamespace collecting geometry-related classes utilities
 NhitDetector simulation of raw signals on wires
 NlarLArSoft-specific namespace
 NlargDetector simulation of raw signals on wires
 Nlarg4Geant4 interface
 NlariovFilters for channels, events, etc
 NlrisConversion of binary data to root files
 NphotGeneral LArSoft Utilities
 NproxyEncloses LArSoft data product proxy objects and utilities.See this doxygen module for an introduction to data proxies in LArSoft
 NrawRaw data description
 NrecobReconstruction base classes
 NshwfShower finding
 NsimMonte Carlo Simulation
 NsimbART objects
 NsimfilterFramework includes