LArSoft  v08_62_00
Liquid Argon Software toolkit -
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Future C++ featuresFeatures expected to be provided by future C++ standards
 C++ STL customizations
 Detector geometry information
 LArSoft data proxiesHelper classes for easier access to connected data
 LArSoft data proxy interfacesInterfaces to create instances of LArSoft data proxies
 LArSoft data proxy infrastructureClasses for implementation and customization of LArsoft proxies
 Collection proxy infrastructureInfrastructure to define a proxy of collection data product
 Proxy element infrastructureInfrastructure to describe the element of a proxy
 Parallel data infrastructureInfrastructure for support of parallel data structures
 Infrastructure for proxies as auxiliaryInfrastructure to use a collection proxy as auxiliary data for another proxy
 Associated data infrastructureInfrastructure for support of associated data
 Reconstructed object data proxyData proxies for LArSoft reconstruction data products
 Space points with chargeProxy for a recob::SpacePoint collection with associated charge.Some algorithms can reconstruct the position of some activity in the active volume of the detector, locating it as a 3D point, and also estimate the electric charge associated to that localized activity
 proxy::Tracks (recob::Track proxy)Proxy for a recob::Track collection
 Data productsClasses designed to be stored in art ROOT files
 Reconstruction base data products
 ExamplesSuite of LArSoft code examples
 AlgorithmsExamples of LArSoft algorithms and art modules
 RemoveIsolatedSpacePointsFilters a collection of input objects
 TotallyCheatTracksDefines a new data product and produces it and its associations
 Analysis module exampleAnalysis module accessing LArSoft reconstruction and simulation
 Debugging examplesExamples to debug
 How to catch exceptionsA module throwing some exceptions
 ServicesExamples of LArSoft service providers and their art service interfaces
 AtomicNumberA simple configuration-driven service
 ShowerCalibrationGaloreA service with multiple implementations
 General utilitiesGeneral programming utilities
 General utilities for metaprogrammingGeneral utilities for use with templates and metaprogramming
 Traits for containersSimple traits for container classes.Trait classes describing a type have a type member defined after that type. They are also available as template types, in the fashion of C++14
 Simple utility traitsSimple traits for the implementation of other traits
 Determination of specific typesTraits to identify specific types
 Manipulation of typesTraits to change types
 Traits for art associations
 General utility traitsTraits of general utility
 Tag-related traitsTraits for types with a tag