NOvA Comissioning and Data Processing Information

The links on this page are intended for NOvA Collaborators who are working on parts of the commissioning of the NDOS and related systems. Most of these areas contain plots and statistics that are generated through automated monitoring processes. If you have questions about a plot you should contact the author for details of how the information was generated.

NDOS Commissioning

  • General Commissioning
  • Data Check Plots
  • Digital Osc.Scope Readouts/Scans for APD Pixels
  • NOvA Offline Data Processing

  • Offline Software and Data Processing
  • Data Processing Status
  • Fermilab NOvASoft Build Logs
  • NOvA validation staging area
  • NOvA Calibration Plots

  • Attenuation calibration status
  • NOvA Production

  • Production testing summary
  • Monitoring of LEM production
  • Package freeze schedule for first analysis
  • Contact Info: NOvA Web Area