CAF - caf::StandardRecord
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caf::StandardRecord Class Reference

The StandardRecord is the primary top-level object in the Common Analysis File trees.

Public Attributes

SRHeader hdr
 Header branch: run, subrun, etc.
SRSpill spill
 Beam spill branch: pot, beam current, etc.
SRSlice slc
 Slice branch: nhit, extents, time, etc.
SRTrackBranch trk
 Track branch: nhit, len, etc.
SRVertexBranch vtx
 Vertex branch: location, time, etc.
SRMichelE me
 Michel electron branch.
SREnergyBranch energy
 Energy estimator branch.
SRIDBranch sel
 Selector (PID) branch.
SRTruthBranch mc
 Truth branch for MC: energy, flavor, etc.
SRParentBranch parent
 True parent branch for matching, e.g. MRCC.
SRTrainingBranch training
 Extra training information for prototyping PIDs etc.