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1 #pragma once
3 #include "CAFAna/Core/ISyst.h"
6 namespace ana
7 {
10  {
13  };
15  class LeptonAngleSyst: public ISyst
16  {
17  public:
19  const std::string& latexName,
20  const caf::Det_t det,
21  const AngleShiftPlane shiftPlane,
22  const double angUnc )
23  : ISyst( shortName, latexName ), fDet( det ),
24  fShiftPlane( shiftPlane ), fAngUnc( angUnc ) {}
26  void Shift( double sigma, caf::SRProxy* sr, double& weight ) const override;
28  private:
31  const double fAngUnc;
32  };
39 }
Which NOvA detector?
Definition: SREnums.h:7
Cuts and Vars for the 2020 FD DiF Study.
Definition: vars.h:6
const Var weight
const caf::Det_t fDet
Definition: AngleSysts.h:29
Proxy for caf::StandardRecord.
Definition: SRProxy.h:2126
Encapsulate code to systematically shift a caf::SRProxy.
Definition: ISyst.h:14
const LeptonAngleSyst kLeptonAngleSystNDYZ2020("LeptonAngleSystNDYZ2020","Lepton Angle Syst ND YZ", caf::kNEARDET, kAngleShiftYZ, 0.010)
Definition: AngleSysts.h:35
const LeptonAngleSyst kLeptonAngleSystNDXZ2020("LeptonAngleSystNDXZ2020","Lepton Angle Syst ND XZ", caf::kNEARDET, kAngleShiftXZ, 0.010)
Definition: AngleSysts.h:34
const LeptonAngleSyst kLeptonAngleSystFDXZ2020("LeptonAngleSystFDXZ2020","Lepton Angle Syst FD XZ", caf::kFARDET, kAngleShiftXZ, 0.010)
Definition: AngleSysts.h:36
caf::StandardRecord * sr
double sigma(TH1F *hist, double percentile)
const double fAngUnc
Definition: AngleSysts.h:31
void Shift(double sigma, caf::SRProxy *sr, double &weight) const override
Perform the systematic shift.
Definition: AngleSysts.cxx:16
string shortName
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const LeptonAngleSyst kLeptonAngleSystFDYZ2020("LeptonAngleSystFDYZ2020","Lepton Angle Syst FD YZ", caf::kFARDET, kAngleShiftYZ, 0.010)
Definition: AngleSysts.h:37
const AngleShiftPlane fShiftPlane
Definition: AngleSysts.h:30
LeptonAngleSyst(const std::string &shortName, const std::string &latexName, const caf::Det_t det, const AngleShiftPlane shiftPlane, const double angUnc)
Definition: AngleSysts.h:18
Definition: AngleSysts.h:9
enum BeamMode string