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BaseProducts.h File Reference
#include "DAQChannelMap/DAQChannelMap.h"
#include "DAQDataFormats/TriggerDefines.h"
#include <stdint.h>

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struct  novaddt::TDC
struct  novaddt::ADC
struct  novaddt::Plane
struct  novaddt::Cell
struct  novaddt::View
struct  novaddt::DCM
struct  novaddt::TriggerMask




bool novaddt::operator== (TDC lhs, TDC rhs)
bool novaddt::operator< (TDC lhs, TDC rhs)
bool novaddt::operator> (TDC lhs, TDC rhs)
TDC::value_type novaddt::operator- (TDC lhs, TDC rhs)
TDC::value_type novaddt::operator+ (TDC lhs, TDC rhs)
TDC::value_type novaddt::operator* (TDC lhs, TDC rhs)
TDC::value_type novaddt::operator+= (TDC lhs, TDC rhs)
bool novaddt::operator== (ADC lhs, ADC rhs)
bool novaddt::operator< (ADC lhs, ADC rhs)
bool novaddt::operator> (ADC lhs, ADC rhs)
ADC::value_type novaddt::operator- (ADC lhs, ADC rhs)
ADC::value_type novaddt::operator+ (ADC lhs, ADC rhs)
bool novaddt::operator== (Plane lhs, Plane rhs)
bool novaddt::operator< (Plane lhs, Plane rhs)
bool novaddt::operator> (Plane lhs, Plane rhs)
Plane::value_type novaddt::operator- (Plane lhs, Plane rhs)
Plane::value_type novaddt::operator+ (Plane lhs, Plane rhs)
Plane::value_type novaddt::operator* (Plane lhs, Plane rhs)
Plane::value_type novaddt::operator+= (Plane lhs, Plane rhs)
bool novaddt::operator== (Cell lhs, Cell rhs)
bool novaddt::operator< (Cell lhs, Cell rhs)
bool novaddt::operator> (Cell lhs, Cell rhs)
Cell::value_type novaddt::operator- (Cell lhs, Cell rhs)
Cell::value_type novaddt::operator+ (Cell lhs, Cell rhs)
Cell::value_type novaddt::operator* (Cell lhs, Cell rhs)
Cell::value_type novaddt::operator+= (Cell lhs, Cell rhs)
bool novaddt::operator== (View lhs, View rhs)
bool novaddt::operator< (View lhs, View rhs)
bool novaddt::operator> (View lhs, View rhs)
bool novaddt::operator!= (View lhs, View rhs)
bool novaddt::operator== (DCM lhs, DCM rhs)
bool novaddt::operator< (DCM lhs, DCM rhs)
bool novaddt::operator> (DCM lhs, DCM rhs)