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CalibUtil.h File Reference
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include "NovaDAQConventions/DAQConventions.h"
#include "GeometryObjects/OfflineChan.h"
#include "TVector3.h"

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 CDPStorage service.


typedef std::pair< TVector3, TVector3 > calib::zBounds
typedef std::map< double, zBounds > calib::zBoundMap


enum  calib::EFEBType { calib::kFEB4p1, calib::kFEB5p2 }
 Enumeration for the FEB 4.2 and 5.1 which have different clocks. More...
enum  calib::EPathQuality { calib::kXYAdjacents, calib::kZAdjacents, calib::kAverage, calib::kBadTrack }
 Methods used to estimate path length of a track through a cell. More...


const char * calib::getDetString (novadaq::cnv::DetId det)
 Utility function to get detector name as a string for file manipulations. More...
std::vector< double > calib::BestPathEstimates (const std::vector< geo::OfflineChan > &chans, const std::map< unsigned int, TVector3 > &directions, std::vector< EPathQuality > &quals, const std::vector< geo::OfflineChan > &extras={})
 Calculate the best path length estimate for each hit in a track, and indicate how they were obtained. More...
void calib::FindBelowThresholdCalibCandidates (const std::vector< geo::OfflineChan > &trkchans, const std::map< unsigned int, TVector3 > &directions, std::vector< EPathQuality > &quals, std::vector< double > &paths, std::vector< geo::OfflineChan > &chans)
 Find empty cells that would have contributed to the calibration if they'd been hit. We assume they fell below threshold. More...
TVector3 const calib::DirectionAtPlane (const std::map< unsigned int, TVector3 > &directions, unsigned int plane)
 Return the direction at a plane using the map provided by rb::Track. More...
void calib::GetXYZD (geo::OfflineChan chan, double w, double *xyzd)
 Return position in world coordninates and distance to the readout. More...
void calib::FindZBoundaries (std::set< double > &planeZBounds)
 Find the boundaries in the z direction of planes in the detector. More...
zBoundMap calib::MakeZBoundaryMap (std::set< double > const &planeZBounds, std::vector< TVector3 > const &trajectory)
 Return a map of the z position of each trajectory point on a track to the bounding positions of where the track passes through that plane. In the case that a track stops in the plane, then the end of the track is the second bounding point. More...
zBounds calib::ZBounds (zBoundMap const &bounds, double const &hitZ)
 Return the bounding points for a given z position along a track. More...
float calib::PathLengthInCell (zBoundMap const &zBounds, TVector3 const &recoHitLoc, std::pair< uint32_t, uint32_t > const &pc)
 Return the path length of a track in the cell in question. More...
std::vector< std::stringcalib::globWrapper (const std::string &pattern)
std::string calib::getCSVFilenameByParsingDirectory (int fCurrentRun, std::string prePattern, std::string postPattern)
bool calib::doesDirectoryExist (std::string dirSting)
 Return true if the path in dirString points to a directory. More...