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eph_manager.h File Reference
#include <math.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

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short int ephem_open (char *ephem_name, double *jd_begin, double *jd_end, short int *de_number)
short int ephem_close (void)
short int planet_ephemeris (double tjd[2], short int target, short int center, double *position, double *velocity)
short int state (double *jed, short int target, double *target_pos, double *target_vel)
void interpolate (double *buf, double *t, long int ncm, long int na, double *position, double *velocity)
void split (double tt, double *fr)


short int KM
int IPT [3][12]
int LPT [3]
long int NRL
long int NP
long int NV
double SS [3]
double JPLAU
double PC [18]
double VC [18]
double TWOT
double EM_RATIO
double * BUFFER

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Definition at line 45 of file eph_manager.h.

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short int ephem_close ( void  )
short int ephem_open ( char *  ephem_name,
double *  jd_begin,
double *  jd_end,
short int de_number 
void interpolate ( double *  buf,
double *  t,
long int  ncm,
long int  na,
double *  position,
double *  velocity 

Referenced by GetTunedMECWeight().

short int planet_ephemeris ( double  tjd[2],
short int  target,
short int  center,
double *  position,
double *  velocity 
void split ( double  tt,
double *  fr 

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short int state ( double *  jed,
short int  target,
double *  target_pos,
double *  target_vel 

Variable Documentation

double* BUFFER
double EM_RATIO
int IPT[3][12]
double JPLAU
short int KM
int LPT[3]
long int NP

Definition at line 16 of file checkMeasured_Target.C.

long int NRL
long int NV
double PC[18]
double SS[3]
double TWOT
double VC[18]