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1 #pragma once
5 namespace ana
6 {
7  // 2020 hN FSI uncertainties:
8  // eigenvectors --> "fate fraction" knob principal components (see NOvARwgt documentation)
9  // and mean free path
14 }
Cuts and Vars for the 2020 FD DiF Study.
Definition: vars.h:6
const NOvARwgtSyst khNFSISyst2020_MFP("hNFSI_MFP_2020","hN FSI mean free path", novarwgt::khNFSISyst2020_MFP)
Definition: FSISysts.h:13
const NOvARwgtSyst khNFSISyst2020_EV3("hNFSI_FateFracEV3_2020","hN FSI fate fraction eigenvector #3", novarwgt::khNFSISyst2020_EV3)
Definition: FSISysts.h:12
const NOvARwgtSyst khNFSISyst2020_EV1("hNFSI_FateFracEV1_2020","hN FSI fate fraction eigenvector #1", novarwgt::khNFSISyst2020_EV1)
Definition: FSISysts.h:10
const NOvARwgtSyst khNFSISyst2020_EV2("hNFSI_FateFracEV2_2020","hN FSI fate fraction eigenvector #2", novarwgt::khNFSISyst2020_EV2)
Definition: FSISysts.h:11
Base class for systs actually implemented in NOvARwgt.
Definition: XSecSysts.h:17