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4 #include "DAQChannelMap/DAQChannelMap.h"
5 //#include "DAQChannelMap/FarDetDAQChannelMapConstants.h"
7 namespace daqchannelmap {
10  // FarDet specific functions and mapping.
11  public:
12  dchan encodeDChan(lchan logicalchan) const;
13  lchan encodeLChan(dchan daqchan) const;
15  block_t computeBlock(lchan logicalchan) const;
16  plane_t computePlaneInBlock(lchan logicalchan) const;
17  unsigned int computeModule(lchan logicalchan) const;
18  fiber_t computeFiberInModule(dchan daqchan) const;
20  DetView_TYPE getView(dchan daqchan) const;
21  unsigned int getTotalNumberOfDiblocks() const;
22  unsigned int getNumberOfDCM(DiBlock_TYPE dbt) const;
25  public:
27  virtual ~FarDetDAQChannelMap();
29  private:
31  // New functions to be used in new code.
32  dcm_id_t computeDCM(plane_t plane, fiber_t fiber) const;
33  feb_t computeFEB(plane_t plane, fiber_t fiber) const;
34  pixel_t computePixel(fiber_t fiber) const;
36  cell_t computeCell(dcm_id_t dcm, feb_t feb, pixel_t pixel) const;
37  pixel_t FiberToPixel(fiber_t fiber) const;
38  fiber_t PixelToFiber(pixel_t pixel) const;
40  bool printBinary(uint32_t) const;
41  bool printHex(uint32_t) const;
42  };
43 }
44 #endif
fiber_t PixelToFiber(pixel_t pixel) const
pixel_t computePixel(fiber_t fiber) const
print "ROW IS " print row
Definition: geo2elec.py:31
DetView_TYPE getView(dchan daqchan) const
Which view (X or Y) does this daq channel readout?
cell_t computeCell(dcm_id_t dcm, feb_t feb, pixel_t pixel) const
unsigned int getNumberOfDCM(DiBlock_TYPE dbt) const
How many DCMs does this diblock have?
uint32_t pixel_t
Type for physical pixel on APD.
fiber_t computeFiberInModule(dchan daqchan) const
Which fiber does this dchan readout?
unsigned int getTotalNumberOfDiblocks() const
How many diblocks does the detector have?
unsigned int computeModule(lchan logicalchan) const
Which module in this lchan in?
plane_t computePlane(diblock_t diblock, dcm_id_t dcm, feb_t feb) const
bool printBinary(uint32_t) const
feb_t computeFEB(plane_t plane, fiber_t fiber) const
plane_t computePlaneInBlock(lchan logicalchan) const
Which global plane in this lchan in?
pixel_t FiberToPixel(fiber_t fiber) const
bool printHex(uint32_t) const
uint32_t feb_t
Type for DCM link port. Counts from 0.
lchan encodeLChan(dchan daqchan) const
Convert a DAQ channel ID to a logical channel id.
dcm_id_t computeDCM(plane_t plane, fiber_t fiber) const
uint32_t dcm_id_t
Type for DCM number, counts from 1.
DiBlock_TYPE getDiBlockType(dchan chan) const
What format is the diblock? Only relevant in NDOS.
uint32_t plane_t
Type for plane.
Types of Detector View.
uint32_t diblock_t
Type for diblocks and blocks.
Types of Diblock.
dchan encodeDChan(lchan logicalchan) const
Convert a logical channel ID to a DAQ channel id.
uint32_t dchan
< DAQ Channel Map Package
block_t computeBlock(lchan logicalchan) const
Which block is this lchan in?