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FillPIDs.h File Reference
#include "StandardRecord/StandardRecord.h"
#include "canvas/Persistency/Common/Ptr.h"
#include <vector>

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 A PID for muons.
 A PID for muons.
 Build slid::LID objects to store electron ID, if asked for, otherwise, calculate LID info and make available.
 $ \nu_e $ PID
 Cosmic Rejection PIDs for Numu analysis.
 Preselection Object.
 Defines an enumeration for prong classification.
 Perform a "2 point" Hough transform on a collection of hits.
 This module creates Common Analysis Files.


void caf::FillMuIdVars (const remid::ReMId &remid, SRKalmanTrack &srTrk)
void caf::FillMuonIDVars (const muonid::MuonID &muid, SRKalmanTrack &srTrk)
void caf::FillJMEIDVars (const jmshower::EID &eid, caf::SRJMEid &sreid)
void caf::FillSlidVars (const slid::ShowerLID &slid, SRShowerLID &shwlid)
void caf::FillSpidVars (const slid::ShowerPID &spid, caf::SRSPid &srspid)
void caf::FillLIDEnergyVars (const slid::ShowerLID &slid, caf::SRFuzzyKProng &png)
void caf::FillLEMVars (const lem::PIDDetails &lem, caf::SRLem &srlem)
void caf::FillRVPVars (const rvp::RVP &rvp, caf::SRRvp &srrvp)
void caf::FillXnueVars (const xnue::Xnue &xnue, caf::SRXnue &srxnue)
void caf::FillCosRejVars (const cosrej::CosRejObj &cosrej, caf::SRCosRej &srcosrej, caf::SRContain &srcontain)
void caf::FillNueCosRejVars (const cosrej::NueCosRej &nuecosrej, caf::SRNueCosRej &srnuecosrej)
void caf::FillNCCosRejVars (const ncid::NCCosRej &nccosrej, caf::SRNCCosRej &srnccosrej)
void caf::FillNCPi0BkgRejVars (const ncpi0::NCPi0BkgRej &ncpi0bkgrej, caf::SRNCPi0BkgRej &srncpi0bkgrej)
void caf::FillNuePreselVars (const presel::PreselObj &nuepre, caf::SRPresel &srnuepre)
void caf::FillRockPreselVars (const presel::PreselObj &rockpre, caf::SRPresel &srrockpre)
void caf::FillVetoVars (const presel::Veto &veto, const presel::Veto &nueveto, caf::SRVeto &srveto)
void caf::FillNuonEResultVars (const cvn::Result &result, caf::SRNuonEResult &srnuone)
void caf::FillCVNResultVars (const cvn::Result &result, caf::SRCVNResult &srcvn, bool NoCosmics)
void caf::FillCVNNeutronDaughterResultVars (const std::vector< art::Ptr< rb::PID > > &cvnneutrons, caf::SRCVNNeutronDaughterResult &cvnneutron)
void caf::FillCVNParticleResultVars (const std::vector< art::Ptr< rb::PID > > &cvnparts, caf::SRCVNParticleResult &cvnpart)
void caf::FillCVNFeaturesVars (const cvn::Features &features, caf::SRCVNFeatures &srcvnfeatures, int maxcomponents)
void caf::FillCVNPixelMaps (const cvn::PixelMap &map, caf::SRPixelObjMap &srcvnmap, bool useGeV)
void caf::FillCVNPixelMaps (const cvn::PixelMap &map, caf::SRPixelMap &srcvnmap, bool useGeV)
void caf::FillCVNTrainingData (const cvn::TrainingData &cvntdata, caf::SRTrainingData &srtdata)
void caf::FillCVNProngTrainingData (const cvn::ProngTrainingData &cvnpdata, caf::SRProngTrainingData &srpdata)
void caf::CopyRemidVars (const SRKalmanTrack &srTrk, caf::SRRemid &remid)
void caf::CopyMuonIDVars (const SRKalmanTrack &srTrk, caf::SRMuonID &muid)
void caf::FillSliceLID (const SliceLID::Prediction &artSliceLID, caf::SRSliceLID &cafSliceLID)