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1 #ifndef CAF_FILLPIDS_H
2 #define CAF_FILLPIDS_H
8 #include <vector>
10 namespace remid{class ReMId;}
11 namespace muonid{class MuonID;}
12 namespace jmshower{class EID; class JMShower;}
13 namespace slid{class ShowerLID; class ShowerPID;}
14 namespace lem{class PIDDetails;}
15 namespace rvp{class RVP;}
16 namespace xnue{class Xnue;}
17 namespace cosrej{class CosRejObj; class NueCosRej;}
18 namespace ncid{class NCCosRej;}
19 namespace ncpi0{class NCPi0BkgRej;}
20 namespace presel{class PreselObj; class Veto;}
21 namespace cvn{class Result; class Features; class PixelMap; class TrainingData; class ProngTrainingData;}
22 namespace rb{class PID;}
23 namespace SliceLID{ struct Prediction; }
25 namespace caf
26 {
27  void FillMuIdVars(const remid::ReMId& remid, SRKalmanTrack& srTrk);
29  void FillMuonIDVars(const muonid::MuonID& muid, SRKalmanTrack& srTrk);
31  void FillJMEIDVars(const jmshower::EID& eid, caf::SRJMEid& sreid);
33  void FillSlidVars(const slid::ShowerLID& slid, caf::SRShowerLID& shwlid);
35  void FillSpidVars(const slid::ShowerPID& spid, caf::SRSPid& srspid);
39  void FillLEMVars(const lem::PIDDetails& lem, caf::SRLem& srlem);
41  void FillRVPVars(const rvp::RVP& rvp, caf::SRRvp& srrvp);
43  void FillXnueVars(const xnue::Xnue& xnue, caf::SRXnue& srxnue);
46  caf::SRCosRej& srcosrej,
47  caf::SRContain& srcontain);
49  void FillNueCosRejVars(const cosrej::NueCosRej& nuecosrej,
50  caf::SRNueCosRej& srnuecosrej);
52  void FillNCCosRejVars(const ncid::NCCosRej& nccosrej,
53  caf::SRNCCosRej& srnccosrej);
55  void FillNCPi0BkgRejVars(const ncpi0::NCPi0BkgRej& ncpi0bkgrej,
56  caf::SRNCPi0BkgRej& srncpi0bkgrej);
58  void FillNuePreselVars(const presel::PreselObj& nuepre,
59  caf::SRPresel& srnuepre);
61  void FillRockPreselVars(const presel::PreselObj& rockpre,
62  caf::SRPresel& srrockpre);
64  void FillVetoVars(const presel::Veto& veto,
65  const presel::Veto& nueveto,
66  caf::SRVeto& srveto);
69  caf::SRNuonEResult& srnuone);
71  void FillCVNResultVars(const cvn::Result& result,
72  caf::SRCVNResult& srcvn,
73  bool NoCosmics = false);
76  void FillCVNNeutronDaughterResultVars(const std::vector<art::Ptr<rb::PID> >& result,
79  void FillCVNParticleResultVars(const std::vector<art::Ptr<rb::PID> >& result,
80  caf::SRCVNParticleResult& cvnpart);
81 /* void FillCVNParticleResultVars2View(const std::vector<art::Ptr<rb::PID> >& result,
82  caf::SRFuzzyKProng& png);
84  void FillCVNParticleResultVars2FlatFlux(const std::vector<art::Ptr<rb::PID> >& result,
85  caf::SRFuzzyKProng& png);
87  void FillCVNParticleResultVars2GenieLike(const std::vector<art::Ptr<rb::PID> >& result,
88  caf::SRFuzzyKProng& png);
90  void FillCVNParticleResultVarsBal(const std::vector<art::Ptr<rb::PID> >& result,
91  caf::SRFuzzyKProng& png);
93  void FillCVNParticleResultVars2ViewBal(const std::vector<art::Ptr<rb::PID> >& result,
94  caf::SRFuzzyKProng& png);
96  void FillCVNParticleResultVars2FlatFluxBal(const std::vector<art::Ptr<rb::PID> >& result,
97  caf::SRFuzzyKProng& png);
99  void FillCVNParticleResultVars2GenieLikeBal(const std::vector<art::Ptr<rb::PID> >& result,
100  caf::SRFuzzyKProng& png);
101 */
102  void FillCVNFeaturesVars(const cvn::Features& features,
103  caf::SRCVNFeatures& srcvnfeatures,
104  int maxcomponents);
106  void FillCVNPixelMaps(const cvn::PixelMap& map,
107  caf::SRPixelObjMap& srcvnmap, bool useGeV);
109  void FillCVNPixelMaps(const cvn::PixelMap& map,
110  caf::SRPixelMap& srcvnmap, bool useGeV);
112  void FillCVNTrainingData(const cvn::TrainingData& cvntdata,
113  caf::SRTrainingData& srtdata);
116  caf::SRProngTrainingData& srpdata);
118  void CopyRemidVars(const SRKalmanTrack& srTrk, caf::SRRemid& remid);
120  void CopyMuonIDVars(const SRKalmanTrack& srTrk, caf::SRMuonID& muid);
122  void FillSliceLID(
123  const SliceLID::Prediction& artSliceLID, caf::SRSliceLID& cafSliceLID
124  );
127 } // end namespace caf
129 #endif
NuonE output.
Definition: SRNuonEResult.h:13
Preselection Object.
Definition: FillPIDs.h:20
Definition: FillPIDs.h:18
Contains the SPID pid information for a shower (slid::ShowerLID objects).
Definition: SRSPid.h:15
void FillCVNNeutronDaughterResultVars(const std::vector< art::Ptr< rb::PID > > &cvnneutrons, caf::SRCVNNeutronDaughterResult &cvnneutron)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:95
Variables describing Michel E&#39;s found around the end of a track.
Definition: SRPixelMap.h:13
void FillVetoVars(const presel::Veto &veto, const presel::Veto &nueveto, caf::SRVeto &srveto)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:554
void FillMuonIDVars(const muonid::MuonID &muid, SRKalmanTrack &srTrk)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:48
void CopyMuonIDVars(const SRKalmanTrack &srTrk, caf::SRMuonID &muid)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:723
void FillCVNFeaturesVars(const cvn::Features &features, caf::SRCVNFeatures &srcvnfeatures, int maxcomponents)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:699
void FillJMEIDVars(const jmshower::EID &eid, caf::SRJMEid &sreid)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:54
Details of processing cuts made by the veto modules.
Definition: SRVeto.h:12
Output from Cosmic Rejection (CosRej) module.
Definition: SRCosRej.h:8
preselection information
Definition: SRPresel.h:12
Features, basic output of CVN neural net.
Definition: CVNFeatures.h:15
Defines an enumeration for prong classification.
Definition: FillPIDs.h:12
A PID for muons.
Definition: FillPIDs.h:11
void FillSlidVars(const slid::ShowerLID &slid, SRShowerLID &shwlid)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:202
void FillSliceLID(const SliceLID::Prediction &artSliceLID, caf::SRSliceLID &cafSliceLID)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:728
void CopyRemidVars(const SRKalmanTrack &srTrk, caf::SRRemid &remid)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:712
Definition: FillPIDs.h:14
Store BDT variables for the short-baseline oscillation study.
Definition: SRXnue.h:12
void FillNCPi0BkgRejVars(const ncpi0::NCPi0BkgRej &ncpi0bkgrej, caf::SRNCPi0BkgRej &srncpi0bkgrej)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:530
A class detailing the cuts made on a particular slice.
Definition: Veto.h:12
void FillCVNProngTrainingData(const cvn::ProngTrainingData &cvnpdata, caf::SRProngTrainingData &srpdata)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:677
void FillLEMVars(const lem::PIDDetails &lem, caf::SRLem &srlem)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:316
void FillNuePreselVars(const presel::PreselObj &nuepre, caf::SRPresel &srnuepre)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:539
void FillCosRejVars(const cosrej::CosRejObj &cosrej, caf::SRCosRej &srcosrej, caf::SRContain &srcontain)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:394
void FillXnueVars(const xnue::Xnue &xnue, caf::SRXnue &srxnue)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:379
void FillNueCosRejVars(const cosrej::NueCosRej &nuecosrej, caf::SRNueCosRej &srnuecosrej)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:458
void FillRVPVars(const rvp::RVP &rvp, caf::SRRvp &srrvp)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:357
CVN PID output for a single particle.
Definition: RVP.h:16
void FillCVNParticleResultVars(const std::vector< art::Ptr< rb::PID > > &cvnparts, caf::SRCVNParticleResult &cvnpart)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:112
Contains the reco muon PID (ReMId) output.
Definition: SRRemid.h:19
This class contains the LEM PID output.
Definition: SRLem.h:18
CVN PID output.
Definition: SRCVNResult.h:13
Perform a "2 point" Hough transform on a collection of hits.
Output from Cosmic Rejection (Nuecosrej) module.
Definition: SRNueCosRej.h:10
CVN PID output for a single particle.
The TrainingData objects contains a PixelMap and the output class type, and any other bit that goes i...
void FillNCCosRejVars(const ncid::NCCosRej &nccosrej, caf::SRNCCosRej &srnccosrej)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:521
Contains the RVP PID output.
Definition: SRRvp.h:13
void FillMuIdVars(const remid::ReMId &remid, SRKalmanTrack &srTrk)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:37
void FillLIDEnergyVars(const slid::ShowerLID &slid, caf::SRFuzzyKProng &png)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:306
Cosmic Rejection PIDs for Numu analysis.
Definition: FillParentInfo.h:9
Output of the jmshower::NueSel module.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:15
Result, basic output of CVN neural net.
Definition: Result.h:15
Containment variables.
Definition: SRContain.h:12
The TrainingData objects contains a PixelMap and the output class type, and any other bit that goes i...
Definition: TrainingData.h:23
PixelMap, basic input to CVN neural net.
Definition: PixelMap.h:23
Contains the reco muon PID (ReMId) output.
Definition: SRMuonID.h:12
Variables describing Michel E&#39;s found around the end of a track.
Definition: SRPixelObjMap.h:12
Definition: FillPIDs.h:16
CVN features.
Definition: SRCVNFeatures.h:9
Attach LEM-specific info to the base PID object.
Definition: PIDDetails.h:20
void FillRockPreselVars(const presel::PreselObj &rockpre, caf::SRPresel &srrockpre)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:547
void FillSpidVars(const slid::ShowerPID &spid, caf::SRSPid &srspid)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:276
Build slid::LID objects to store electron ID, if asked for, otherwise, calculate LID info and make av...
Definition: FillPIDs.h:13
void FillCVNPixelMaps(const cvn::PixelMap &map, caf::SRPixelObjMap &srcvnmap, bool useGeV)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:617
void FillCVNTrainingData(const cvn::TrainingData &cvntdata, caf::SRTrainingData &srtdata)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:661
Output from Cosmic Rejection (Nuecosrej) module.
Definition: SRNCCosRej.h:10
A PID for muons.
Definition: FillPIDs.h:10
This module creates Common Analysis Files.
Definition: FileReducer.h:10
void FillCVNResultVars(const cvn::Result &result, caf::SRCVNResult &srcvn, bool NoCosmics)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:595
void FillNuonEResultVars(const cvn::Result &result, caf::SRNuonEResult &srnuone)
Definition: FillPIDs.cxx:576
Definition: FillPIDs.h:19
Definition: fwd.h:28
Definition: FillPIDs.h:15