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1 #pragma once
3 #include "CAFAna/Core/Cut.h"
4 #include "CAFAna/Core/Var.h"
6 #include <string>
8 class TGraph;
10 namespace ana
11 {
12  /// \brief Get a graph with two variables when
13  /// a histogram is not the best choice
14  ///
15  /// \param wildcard Filename or wildcard to use for input
16  /// \param cut The cut events must pass
17  /// \param VarX Variable in the X axis
18  /// \param VarY Variable in the Y axis
19  /// \param spillCut Optional requirement on SRSpill
20  TGraph* MakeGraph(const std::string& wildcard,
21  const Cut& cut,
22  const Var& VarX,
23  const Var& VarY,
24  const SpillCut* spillCut = 0);
25 }
Cuts and Vars for the 2020 FD DiF Study.
Definition: vars.h:6
_Var< caf::SRProxy > Var
Representation of a variable to be retrieved from a caf::StandardRecord object.
Definition: Var.h:74
std::vector< std::string > wildcard(const std::string &wildcardString)
Definition: convert.C:9
_Cut< caf::SRProxy > Cut
Representation of a cut (selection) to be applied to a caf::StandardRecord object.
Definition: Cut.h:96
_Cut< caf::SRSpillProxy > SpillCut
Equivalent of Cut acting on caf::SRSpill. For use in spill-by-spill data quality cuts.
Definition: Cut.h:100
const Cut cut
Definition: exporter_fd.C:30
TGraph * MakeGraph(const std::string &wildcard, const Cut &cut, const Var &VarX, const Var &VarY, const SpillCut *spillCut)
Get a graph with two variables when a histogram is not the best choice.
Definition: GraphDrawer.cxx:13
enum BeamMode string