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NuMITimeParams.h File Reference

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 Filter events based on their run/event numbers.


static bool util::IsInBeamWindow (const int run, const double time)


const int util::kBeamWindowPaddingMicroSec = 9
const int util::kBeamWindowMinMicroSec = 217
const int util::kBeamWindowMaxMicroSec = 229
const int util::kMinTimingSidebandBeforeMicroSec = 25
const int util::kMaxTimingSidebandBeforeMicroSec = kBeamWindowMinMicroSec - kBeamWindowPaddingMicroSec
const int util::kMinTimingSidebandAfterMicroSec = kBeamWindowMaxMicroSec + kBeamWindowPaddingMicroSec
const int util::kMaxTimingSidebandAfterMicroSec = 475
const int util::kPeakShiftMicroSec = +64
const int util::kBeamWindowShiftedMinMicroSec = kBeamWindowMinMicroSec + kPeakShiftMicroSec
const int util::kBeamWindowShiftedMaxMicroSec = kBeamWindowMaxMicroSec + kPeakShiftMicroSec
const int util::kMaxTimingSidebandBeforeShiftedWindowMicroSec = kBeamWindowShiftedMinMicroSec - kBeamWindowPaddingMicroSec
const int util::kMinTimingSidebandAfterShiftedWindowMicroSec = kBeamWindowShiftedMaxMicroSec + kBeamWindowPaddingMicroSec
const int util::kLastBadTimingRun = 17945
const int util::kBeamWindowMicroSec = kBeamWindowMaxMicroSec - kBeamWindowMinMicroSec
 How long is the beam window? More...
const int util::kTimingSidebandMicroSec
const int util::kBeamWindowBadPeriodMicroSec
 Two windows to consider here. More...
const int util::kTimingSidebandBadPeriodMicroSec
 Two beam windows to cut out here. More...