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1 #pragma once
3 #include "CAFAna/Core/HistAxis.h"
5 namespace ana
6 {
7  /// Axes used in Ana01 analysis by nus group
8  extern const HistAxis kNCAxis;
9  extern const HistAxis kNCBinsNumuCCAxis;
11  /// Axes used in Nus17 analysis by nus group
12  extern const HistAxis kNus17Axis;
15  /// Axes used in Nus18 analysis by nus group
16  extern const HistAxis kNus18AxisE;
19  /// NC covariance hist axes
20  extern const HistAxis kNC20NDAxisE;
21  extern const HistAxis kNC20FDAxisE;
23 }
Cuts and Vars for the 2020 FD DiF Study.
Definition: vars.h:6
const HistAxis kNus18AxisE("Energy Deposited in Scintillator (GeV)", kNus18EnergyBinning, kNus18Energy)
Axes used in Nus18 analysis by nus group.
Definition: HistAxes.h:16
const HistAxis kNC20FDAxisE("Energy Deposited in Scintillator (GeV)", kNCFDBinning, kNus20Energy)
Definition: HistAxes.h:21
const HistAxis kNCAxis("Calorimetric Energy (GeV)", kNCDisappearanceEnergyBinning, kCaloE)
Axes used in Ana01 analysis by nus group.
Definition: HistAxes.h:8
const HistAxis kNus17Axis("Visible Energy (GeV)", kNus17EnergyBinning, kNus17Energy)
Axes used in Nus17 analysis by nus group.
Definition: HistAxes.h:12
const HistAxis kNC20NDAxisE("Energy Deposited in Scintillator (GeV)", kNCNDBinning, kNus20Energy)
NC covariance hist axes.
Definition: HistAxes.h:20
const HistAxis kNCBinsNumuCCAxis("Reconstructed Neutrino Energy (GeV)", kNCDisappearanceEnergyBinning, kCCE)
Definition: HistAxes.h:9
Collect information describing the x-axis of an analysis histogram.
Definition: HistAxis.h:18
const HistAxis kNus18BinsNumuCCAxis("Reconstructed Neutrino Energy (GeV)", kNus18EnergyBinning, kCCE)
Definition: HistAxes.h:17
const HistAxis kNus17BinsNumuCCAxis("Reconstructed Neutrino Energy (GeV)", kNus17EnergyBinning, kCCE)
Definition: HistAxes.h:13