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NuclearUtils.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include "Framework/Conventions/Constants.h"

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 Simple nuclear physics empirical formulas (densities, radii, ...) and empirical nuclear corrections.
 Root of GENIE utility namespaces.


double genie::utils::nuclear::BindEnergy (const Target &target)
double genie::utils::nuclear::BindEnergy (int nucA, int nucZ)
double genie::utils::nuclear::BindEnergyPerNucleon (const Target &target)
double genie::utils::nuclear::BindEnergyLastNucleon (const Target &target)
double genie::utils::nuclear::Radius (int A, double Ro=constants::kNucRo)
double genie::utils::nuclear::NuclQELXSecSuppression (string kftable, double pmax, const Interaction *in)
double genie::utils::nuclear::RQEFG_generic (double q2, double Mn, double kFi, double kFf, double pmax)
double genie::utils::nuclear::FmI1 (double alpha, double beta, double a, double b, double kFi, double kFf, double q)
double genie::utils::nuclear::FmI2 (double alpha, double beta, double a, double b, double kFi, double kFf, double q)
double genie::utils::nuclear::FmArea (double alpha, double beta, double kf, double pmax)
double genie::utils::nuclear::DISNuclFactor (double x, int A)
double genie::utils::nuclear::Density (double r, int A, double ring=0.)
double genie::utils::nuclear::DensityGaus (double r, double ap, double alf, double ring=0.)
double genie::utils::nuclear::DensityWoodsSaxon (double r, double c, double z, double ring=0.)
double genie::utils::nuclear::BindEnergyPerNucleonParametrization (const Target &target)
double genie::utils::nuclear::FermiMomentumForIsoscalarNucleonParametrization (const Target &target)