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1 #pragma once
5 #include "CAFAna/Core/Loaders.h"
7 namespace ana
8 {
9  /// Uses MC for NC and \f$ \nu_e \f$ CC components, assigns remainder of data to \f$ \nu_\mu \f$ CC
10  class NumuDecomp: public IDecomp
11  {
12  public:
14  SpectrumLoaderBase& loaderData,
15  const std::string& label,
16  const Binning& bins,
17  const Var& var,
18  const Cut& cut,
19  const SystShifts& shiftMC = kNoShift,
20  const SystShifts& shiftData = kNoShift,
21  const Var& wei = kUnweighted);
24  SpectrumLoaderBase& loaderData,
25  const HistAxis& axis,
26  const Cut& cut,
27  const SystShifts& shiftMC = kNoShift,
28  const SystShifts& shiftData = kNoShift,
29  const Var& wei = kUnweighted);
32  const HistAxis& axis,
33  const Cut& cut,
34  const SystShifts& shiftMC = kNoShift,
35  const SystShifts& shiftData = kNoShift,
36  const Var& wei = kUnweighted);
38  Spectrum NumuComponent() const override;
39  Spectrum AntiNumuComponent() const override;
40  Spectrum NCTotalComponent() const override {return fNCTot;}
41  Spectrum NCComponent() const override;
42  Spectrum NCAntiComponent() const override;
43  Spectrum NueComponent() const override {return fNue;}
44  Spectrum AntiNueComponent() const override {return fAntiNue;}
46  Spectrum MC_NumuComponent() const override {return fNumu;}
47  Spectrum MC_AntiNumuComponent() const override {return fAntiNumu;}
48  Spectrum MC_NueComponent() const override {return fNue;}
49  Spectrum MC_AntiNueComponent() const override {return fAntiNue;}
50  Spectrum MC_NCTotalComponent() const override {return fNCTot;}
52  Spectrum Data_Component () const override {return fData;}
54  void SaveTo(TDirectory* dir, const std::string& name) const override;
55  static std::unique_ptr<NumuDecomp> LoadFrom(TDirectory* dir, const std::string& name);
57  protected:
59  : fData(Spectrum::Uninitialized()),
60  fNCTot(Spectrum::Uninitialized()),
61  fNue(Spectrum::Uninitialized()),
62  fAntiNue(Spectrum::Uninitialized()),
63  fNumu(Spectrum::Uninitialized()),
64  fAntiNumu(Spectrum::Uninitialized()),
65  fNotNumu(Spectrum::Uninitialized())
66  {};
77  };
78 }
Spectrum NumuComponent() const override
Definition: NumuDecomp.cxx:66
const XML_Char * name
Definition: expat.h:151
Spectrum Data_Component() const override
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:52
Spectrum MC_NCTotalComponent() const override
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:50
Spectrum MC_NueComponent() const override
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:48
Represent the binning of a Spectrum&#39;s x-axis.
Definition: Binning.h:16
Cuts and Vars for the 2020 FD DiF Study.
Definition: vars.h:6
Spectrum AntiNueComponent() const override
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:44
Spectrum NCTotalComponent() const override
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:40
Spectrum fAntiNumu
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:74
Simple record of shifts applied to systematic parameters.
Definition: SystShifts.h:20
Spectrum fData
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:66
Collection of SpectrumLoaders for many configurations.
Definition: Loaders.h:23
Spectrum NueComponent() const override
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:43
Representation of a spectrum in any variable, with associated POT.
Definition: Spectrum.h:40
const char * label
Spectrum fAntiNue
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:71
Uses MC for NC and CC components, assigns remainder of data to CC.
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:10
Spectrum NCAntiComponent() const override
Definition: NumuDecomp.cxx:81
void SaveTo(TDirectory *dir, const std::string &name) const override
Definition: NumuDecomp.cxx:84
const SystShifts kNoShift
Definition: SystShifts.cxx:22
Base class for the various types of spectrum loader.
const Binning bins
Definition: NumuCC_CPiBin.h:8
Spectrum fNCTot
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:69
const Cut cut
Definition: exporter_fd.C:30
Spectrum MC_AntiNumuComponent() const override
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:47
Spectrum MC_NumuComponent() const override
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:46
Spectrum MC_AntiNueComponent() const override
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:49
TDirectory * dir
Definition: macro.C:5
Spectrum fNotNumu
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:76
std::vector< Loaders * > loaders
Definition: syst_header.h:386
Standard interface to all decomposition techniques.
Definition: IDecomp.h:13
Spectrum AntiNumuComponent() const override
Definition: NumuDecomp.cxx:74
Spectrum fNue
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:70
static std::unique_ptr< NumuDecomp > LoadFrom(TDirectory *dir, const std::string &name)
Definition: NumuDecomp.cxx:108
const Var kUnweighted
The simplest possible Var, always 1. Used as a default weight.
Definition: Var.h:96
Spectrum fNumu
Definition: NumuDecomp.h:73
enum BeamMode string
Spectrum NCComponent() const override
Definition: NumuDecomp.cxx:80