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ParameterSetEditDialog.h File Reference

Pop-up window for editing parameter sets. More...

#include "TQObject.h"
#include "RQ_OBJECT.h"
#include "TGFrame.h"

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class  evdb::ParameterSetEditRow
 A single row for editing a single parameter in a set. More...
class  evdb::ParameterSetEditFrame
 A frame for editing a single paramter set. More...
class  evdb::ParameterSetEditDialog
 Top-level interface to all parameter sets. More...


 Manage all things related to colors for the event display.

Detailed Description

Pop-up window for editing parameter sets.


These classes build a dialog window for parameter sets. It can handle "standard" parameter sets like this:

ServiceConfig {

Definition in file ParameterSetEditDialog.h.