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ProductStatus.h File Reference

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 Service to store calibration data products (CDP) in the SQLite3 metadatabase of a file.


using art::ProductStatus = unsigned char


constexpr ProductStatus art::productstatus::present () noexcept
constexpr ProductStatus art::productstatus::neverCreated () noexcept
constexpr ProductStatus art::productstatus::dropped () noexcept
constexpr ProductStatus art::productstatus::unknown () noexcept
constexpr ProductStatus art::productstatus::uninitialized () noexcept
constexpr bool art::productstatus::present (ProductStatus const status) noexcept
constexpr bool art::productstatus::neverCreated (ProductStatus const status) noexcept
constexpr bool art::productstatus::dropped (ProductStatus const status) noexcept
constexpr bool art::productstatus::unknown (ProductStatus const status) noexcept
constexpr bool art::productstatus::uninitialized (ProductStatus const status) noexcept