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2  // Extra utility functions from SRLorentzVectorAddons.h
4  // For access as a position vector. For momentum use the member variables
5  // directly.
6  float T() const {return E;}
7  float X() const {return px;}
8  float Y() const {return py;}
9  float Z() const {return pz;}
10  float Mag() const {return sqrt(px*px + py*py + pz*pz);}
11  float Beta() const {return Mag()/E;}
12  float Gamma() const {return 1/sqrt(1-Beta()*Beta());}
14  TVector3 Vect() const {return TVector3(px, py, pz);}
float T() const
T sqrt(T number)
Definition: d0nt_math.hpp:156
float X() const
float Gamma() const
float Z() const
float Y() const
Float_t E
Definition: plot.C:20
float Mag() const
float Beta() const
TVector3 Vect() const