SRVector3DAddons.h File Reference

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float X () const
float Y () const
float Z () const
 operator TVector3 () const
float Mag2 () const
float Mag () const
float Dot (const Proxy &v) const
float Dot (const TVector3 &v) const
TVector3 Unit () const

Function Documentation

float Dot ( const Proxy &  v) const
float Dot ( const TVector3 &  v) const

Definition at line 13 of file SRVector3DAddons.h.

References submit_syst::x, submit_syst::y, and test::z.

13 {return x*v.X() + y*v.Y() + z*v.Z();}
float Mag ( ) const

Definition at line 11 of file SRVector3DAddons.h.

References Mag2(), and std::sqrt().

Referenced by Unit().

11 {return sqrt(Mag2());}
T sqrt(T number)
Definition: d0nt_math.hpp:156
float Mag2() const
float Mag2 ( ) const
operator TVector3 ( ) const

Definition at line 8 of file SRVector3DAddons.h.

References submit_syst::x, submit_syst::y, and test::z.

8 {return TVector3(x, y, z);}
TVector3 Unit ( ) const

Definition at line 14 of file SRVector3DAddons.h.

References m, Mag(), submit_syst::x, submit_syst::y, and test::z.

Referenced by genie::HNIntranuke2018::AbsorbHN(), genie::BaryonResonanceDecayer::AcceptPionDecay(), caf::AddCosmicTruthToVec(), earms::ElasticArmsValidate::analyze(), moonshadowana::MoonShadowAna::analyze(), upmuana::UpMuAnalysis::analyze(), bsim::calcLocationWeights(), geo::ClampRayToDetectorVolume(), genie::utils::ComputeFullQELPXSec(), remid::ReMIdTrain::ContainedEvent(), rb::Track::DistanceFromEnd(), rb::Track::DistanceFromStart(), vf::DOCAInfo::DoCalculation(), calib::StopperThreshold::FillHist(), calib::StopperThreshold::FillTree(), FindE(), genie::flux::GDk2NuFlux::GenerateNext_weighted(), genie::flux::GNuMIFlux::GenerateNext_weighted(), nuesand::FillNueSandbox::GetMincell(), ndreco::NDRecoFxs::getProngDedx(), numusand::NumuSandFxs::getScatt(), cosrej::CosRejFxs::getScatt(), ndreco::NDRecoFxs::getTrackDedx(), ndreco::NDRecoFxs::getTrackScatt(), remid::RecoMuon::IsTrackContained(), kinematics(), dt::ViewMerger::MaybeExtendToVertex(), trk::CosmicTrackUtilities::PathLengthInCell(), calib::PathLengthInCell(), prepare_mcnp_root_for_g4nova(), xsrec::MakeXSecCCPi0Inc::produce(), jmshower::RecoJMShower::RecoShowers(), evgen::SingleGen::Sample(), genie::flux::GDk2NuFlux::SetFluxWindow(), genie::flux::GNuMIFlux::SetFluxWindow(), simb::MCTrajectory::Sparsify(), genie::utils::intranuke::ThreeBodyKinematics(), genie::utils::intranuke2018::ThreeBodyKinematics(), genie::utils::intranuke::TwoBodyKinematics(), genie::utils::intranuke2018::TwoBodyKinematics(), genie::NievesQELCCPXSec::XSec(), ana::ZEndPosition(), and genie::flux::GDk2NuFluxXMLHelper::~GDk2NuFluxXMLHelper().

15  {
16  const float m = Mag();
17  return TVector3(x/m, y/m, z/m);
18  }
float Mag() const
float X ( ) const

Definition at line 4 of file SRVector3DAddons.h.

References submit_syst::x.

4 {return x;}
float Y ( ) const

Definition at line 5 of file SRVector3DAddons.h.

References submit_syst::y.

5 {return y;}
float Z ( ) const

Definition at line 6 of file SRVector3DAddons.h.

References test::z.

6 {return z;}