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SharedPlotLists.cxx File Reference
#include "3FlavorAna/Plotting/SharedPlotLists.h"
#include "3FlavorAna/Plotting/NuePlotLists.h"
#include "CAFAna/Vars/Vars.h"
#include "3FlavorAna/Vars/Binnings.h"
#include "CAFAna/Vars/BPFVars.h"
#include "3FlavorAna/Vars/NueVars.h"
#include "3FlavorAna/Vars/NueVarsExtra.h"
#include "3FlavorAna/Vars/NumuVars.h"
#include "3FlavorAna/Vars/NumuVarsExtra.h"
#include "CAFAna/Vars/TruthVars.h"
#include "CAFAna/Vars/PPFXWeights.h"
#include "CAFAna/Vars/XsecTunes.h"
#include "CAFAna/Vars/GenieWeights.h"
#include "3FlavorAna/Cuts/NueCuts2020.h"
#include "StandardRecord/Proxy/SRProxy.h"

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 Cuts and Vars for the 2020 FD DiF Study.


void ana::AddHistDefRecoND (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddMultiHistDefRecoND (std::vector< MultiHistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefTruthND (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefRecoFD (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddMultiHistDefRecoFD (std::vector< MultiHistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefTruthFD (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefSlice (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefSliceTruth (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddNTHistDef (std::vector< NuTruthHistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddNTHistDefND (std::vector< NuTruthHistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddNTHistDefFD (std::vector< NuTruthHistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefWeights (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddMultiHistDefProng (std::vector< MultiHistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefProngCVN (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefPIDs (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefNumuND (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefNumuFD (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefNumuMuon (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefNumuRecoE (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefNumuNDDataMC (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefNueND (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefNueFD (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefNueShower (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefNueLID (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefNuePID (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefNueEnergy (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefNueSelectionExtras (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefNueDataMC (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefNusND (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefNusFD (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefXSecND (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)
void ana::AddHistDefXSecFD (std::vector< HistDef > &hd)