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 caf_analysis.parser = OptionParser()
dictionary caf_analysis.figures = {}
 Book histograms. More...
 caf_analysis.keys = figures.keys()
 Reco plots. More...
 caf_analysis.figure_keys = figures.keys()
 Store plot keys. More...
list caf_analysis.int_types
 Sub-samples. More...
string = "%s-%s"
 caf_analysis.counters = OrderedDict()
 Initialise a counter dictionary. More...
 caf_analysis.files = glob.glob(options.input_files)
string caf_analysis.r_chain_name = "recTree"
 caf_analysis.r_chain = ROOT.TChain(r_chain_name)
string caf_analysis.s_chain_name = "spillTree"
 caf_analysis.s_chain = ROOT.TChain(s_chain_name)
 caf_analysis.nevents = r_chain.GetEntries()
 caf_analysis.s_nevents = s_chain.GetEntries()
list caf_analysis.active_branches
 Optimisations. More...
 caf_analysis.start_time = time.time()
 Run analysis. More...
 caf_analysis.dt = time.time()-start_time
 Begin loop. More...
 Nu mu analysis cuts These are the standard nu mu analysis cuts used in first analysis. More...
int caf_analysis.weight = 1
 Fill reconstruction values. More...
dictionary caf_analysis.values = {}
 caf_analysis.true_event_types = tools.DetermineTruthEventType(r_chain, verbose=options.verbose)
 Truth studies if the '-m' option is set then we assume this is MC if so we run some simple truth analysis. More...
 caf_analysis.true_neutrino =[0]
 caf_analysis.true_muon = None
 caf_analysis.x_variable = figure.split("_vs")[0]
 Fill histograms. More...
 caf_analysis.y_variable = figure.split("vs_")[1]
string caf_analysis.bad_runs_file = "/nova/app/users/tamsett/art/python/bad_timing_runs.txt"
 Bad timing list. More...
 caf_analysis.bad_runs_list = set([int(r.strip()) for r in open(bad_runs_file,"r").readlines()])
int caf_analysis.total_pot = 0
 Spill tree. More...
 caf_analysis.trigger_int = int(repr(s_chain.spill.trigger)[3:-1])
tuple caf_analysis.timing_dq = ( not in bad_runs_list)
 Analysis cuts the full analysis cuts should be applied here timing dq. More...
 caf_analysis.spill = tools.standardSpillCut(s_chain.spill)
 caf_analysis.saved_root_file = ROOT.TFile(options.output_file, "RECREATE" )
 print counters More...
string caf_analysis.prefix = "mixed-"