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ana::FitDmSq41Sterile Class Reference

$ \Delta m^2_{41} $ More...

#include "/cvmfs/"

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Public Member Functions

 FitDmSq41Sterile ()
double GetValue (const osc::IOscCalcAdjustable *osc) const override
void SetValue (osc::IOscCalcAdjustable *osc, double val) const override
virtual double Penalty (double, osc::IOscCalcAdjustable *) const
const std::string & ShortName () const
const std::string & LatexName () const

Detailed Description

$ \Delta m^2_{41} $

Definition at line 26 of file FitVarsSterile.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ana::FitDmSq41Sterile::FitDmSq41Sterile ( )

Definition at line 29 of file FitVarsSterile.h.

References ana::FitDmSq32Sterile::GetValue(), ana::kFitDmSq41Sterile, ana::FitDmSq32Sterile::SetValue(), and febshutoff_auto::val.

29 : IFitVar("dmsq41", "#Deltam^{2}_{41}") {};
IFitVar(std::string shortName, std::string latexName)
Definition: IFitVar.h:19

Member Function Documentation

double ana::FitDmSq41Sterile::GetValue ( const osc::IOscCalcAdjustable osc) const

Implements ana::IFitVar.

Definition at line 53 of file FitVarsSterile.cxx.

References osc::DowncastToSterile(), and osc::OscCalcSterile::GetDm().

Referenced by make_fc_nus_surfs_nersc_2018(), and make_fc_nus_surfs_nersc_2019().

54  {
55  return osc::DowncastToSterile(osc)->GetDm(4);
56  }
const OscCalcSterile * DowncastToSterile(const IOscCalc *calc)
double GetDm(int i) const
const std::string& ana::IFitVar::LatexName ( ) const
virtual double ana::IFitVar::Penalty ( double  ,
) const

Reimplemented in ana::FitDeltaCPT, ana::FitSigmaCPT, and ana::IConstrainedFitVar.

Definition at line 34 of file IFitVar.h.

Referenced by ana::FrequentistSurface::FillSurface().

34 {return 0;}
void ana::FitDmSq41Sterile::SetValue ( osc::IOscCalcAdjustable osc,
double  val 
) const
const std::string& ana::IFitVar::ShortName ( ) const

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