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ana::FitSigmaCPT Class Reference

#include "/cvmfs/"

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Public Member Functions

 FitSigmaCPT (SigmaDelta *sd)
double GetValue (const osc::IOscCalcAdjustable *osc) const override
void SetValue (osc::IOscCalcAdjustable *osc, double val) const override
double Penalty (double val, osc::IOscCalcAdjustable *osc) const override
const std::stringShortName () const
const std::stringLatexName () const

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

A FitVar that acts like fXvar+fYvar for members of its helper SigmaDelta. Changing a FitSigmaCPT maintains the associated FitDeltaCPT

Definition at line 272 of file FitVarsCPT.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ana::FitSigmaCPT::FitSigmaCPT ( SigmaDelta sd)

Definition at line 275 of file FitVarsCPT.h.

276  : IFitVar(sd->fXvar.ShortName() + "_plus_" + sd->fYvar.ShortName(),
277  sd->fXvar.LatexName() + "+" + sd->fYvar.LatexName()),
278  fSigDel{sd}
279  {}
IFitVar(std::string shortName, std::string latexName)
Definition: IFitVar.h:19
double sd(Eigen::VectorXd x)
SigmaDelta * fSigDel
Definition: FitVarsCPT.h:290

Member Function Documentation

double ana::FitSigmaCPT::GetValue ( const osc::IOscCalcAdjustable osc) const

Implements ana::IFitVar.

Definition at line 281 of file FitVarsCPT.h.

282  { return fSigDel->GetSigma(osc); }
double GetSigma(const osc::IOscCalcAdjustable *osc) const
Definition: FitVarsCPT.cxx:118
SigmaDelta * fSigDel
Definition: FitVarsCPT.h:290
const std::string& ana::IFitVar::LatexName ( ) const
double ana::FitSigmaCPT::Penalty ( double  val,
osc::IOscCalcAdjustable osc 
) const

Reimplemented from ana::IFitVar.

Definition at line 287 of file FitVarsCPT.h.

288  { return fSigDel->SigmaPenalty(val, osc); }
double SigmaPenalty(double val, osc::IOscCalcAdjustable *) const
Definition: FitVarsCPT.cxx:142
SigmaDelta * fSigDel
Definition: FitVarsCPT.h:290
void ana::FitSigmaCPT::SetValue ( osc::IOscCalcAdjustable osc,
double  val 
) const

Implements ana::IFitVar.

Definition at line 284 of file FitVarsCPT.h.

285  { fSigDel->SetSigma(osc, val); }
void SetSigma(osc::IOscCalcAdjustable *osc, double val)
Definition: FitVarsCPT.cxx:123
SigmaDelta * fSigDel
Definition: FitVarsCPT.h:290
const std::string& ana::IFitVar::ShortName ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

SigmaDelta* ana::FitSigmaCPT::fSigDel

Definition at line 290 of file FitVarsCPT.h.

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