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ana::IPredictionGenerator Class Referenceabstract

Given loaders and an MC shift, Generate() generates an IPrediction. More...

#include "/cvmfs/"

Inheritance diagram for ana::IPredictionGenerator:
ana::FDPredictionGenerator ana::NDPredGenerator ana::NDPredGenerator ana::NDPredictionGenerator ana::NoExtrapGenerator ana::NoOscPredictionGenerator ana::NueBkgdComboExtrapGenerator ana::NueBkgdPropExtrapGenerator ana::NueComboExtrapGenerator ana::NuePropExtrapGenerator ana::NuePropExtrapRHCGenerator ana::NueSignalExtrapGenerator ana::NumuExtrapGenerator ana::SterileGenerator ana::XSecTuningPredGenerator jw::NDPredGenerator

Public Member Functions

virtual std::unique_ptr< IPredictionGenerate (Loaders &loaders, const SystShifts &shiftMC=kNoShift) const =0

Detailed Description

Given loaders and an MC shift, Generate() generates an IPrediction.

All other arguments needed to construct the prediction are passed to the IPredictionGenerator constructor, and are identical for all generated predictions. For standalone use or use with PredictionInterp.

Definition at line 22 of file PredictionGenerator.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual std::unique_ptr<IPrediction> ana::IPredictionGenerator::Generate ( Loaders loaders,
const SystShifts shiftMC = kNoShift 
) const
pure virtual

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