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ana::NDPredGenerator Class Reference

#include "/cvmfs/"

Inheritance diagram for ana::NDPredGenerator:

Public Member Functions

 NDPredGenerator (const HistAxis axis, const Cut cut, const Var wei=kUnweighted)
virtual ~NDPredGenerator ()
std::unique_ptr< IPredictionGenerate (Loaders &loaders, const SystShifts &shiftMC=kNoShift) const override

Private Attributes

const HistAxis fAxis
const Cut fCut
const Var fWei

Detailed Description

Definition at line 119 of file MECTuningUtils.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ana::NDPredGenerator::NDPredGenerator ( const HistAxis  axis,
const Cut  cut,
const Var  wei = kUnweighted 

Definition at line 122 of file MECTuningUtils.h.

123  : fAxis(axis), fCut(cut), fWei(wei)
124  {};
const HistAxis fAxis
const Cut cut
Definition: exporter_fd.C:30
virtual ana::NDPredGenerator::~NDPredGenerator ( )

Definition at line 126 of file MECTuningUtils.h.

References ana::kNoShift, and loaders.

126 {};

Member Function Documentation

std::unique_ptr< IPrediction > ana::NDPredGenerator::Generate ( Loaders loaders,
const SystShifts shiftMC = kNoShift 
) const

Implements ana::IPredictionGenerator.

Definition at line 137 of file MECTuningUtils.h.

References ana::TrivialPrediction::TrivialPrediction().

140  {
141  return std::unique_ptr<IPrediction>( new TrivialPrediction(
142  loaders, fAxis, fCut, shiftMC, fWei ) );
143  }
const HistAxis fAxis
std::vector< Loaders * > loaders
Definition: syst_header.h:386

Member Data Documentation

const HistAxis ana::NDPredGenerator::fAxis

Definition at line 133 of file MECTuningUtils.h.

const Cut ana::NDPredGenerator::fCut

Definition at line 134 of file MECTuningUtils.h.

const Var ana::NDPredGenerator::fWei

Definition at line 135 of file MECTuningUtils.h.

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