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ana::NuTruthSpillCut Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 NuTruthSpillCut (const SpectrumLoaderNuTreeSpillCuts *loader)
bool operator() (const caf::SRNeutrinoProxy *nu) const

Protected Attributes

const SpectrumLoaderNuTreeSpillCutsfLoader

Detailed Description

Definition at line 16 of file SpectrumLoaderNuTreeSpillCuts.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ana::NuTruthSpillCut::NuTruthSpillCut ( const SpectrumLoaderNuTreeSpillCuts loader)

Definition at line 19 of file SpectrumLoaderNuTreeSpillCuts.cxx.

Referenced by ana::SpectrumLoaderNuTreeSpillCuts::AddSpectrum().

19 : fLoader(loader) {}
const SpectrumLoaderNuTreeSpillCuts * fLoader

Member Function Documentation

bool ana::NuTruthSpillCut::operator() ( const caf::SRNeutrinoProxy nu) const

Definition at line 21 of file SpectrumLoaderNuTreeSpillCuts.cxx.

References om::cout, allTimeWatchdog::endl, caf::Proxy< caf::SRNeutrino >::evt, ana::SpectrumLoaderNuTreeSpillCuts::fIsSpillGood, fLoader, it, findDuplicateFiles::key, caf::Proxy< caf::SRNeutrino >::run, and caf::Proxy< caf::SRNeutrino >::subrun.

22  {
23  // Look up each nu in the map that the loader has already accumulated
25  const SpectrumLoaderNuTreeSpillCuts::Key_t key = {nu->run, nu->subrun, nu->evt};
26  const auto it = fLoader->fIsSpillGood.find(key);
28  if(it == fLoader->fIsSpillGood.end()){
29  std::cout << "SpectrumLoaderNuTreeSpillCuts: unknown event "
30  << key << std::endl;
31  abort();
32  }
34  return it->second;
35  }
set< int >::iterator it
caf::Proxy< unsigned int > evt
Definition: SRProxy.h:527
OStream cout
Definition: OStream.cxx:6
const SpectrumLoaderNuTreeSpillCuts * fLoader
caf::Proxy< unsigned int > subrun
Definition: SRProxy.h:561
caf::Proxy< unsigned int > run
Definition: SRProxy.h:559

Member Data Documentation

const SpectrumLoaderNuTreeSpillCuts* ana::NuTruthSpillCut::fLoader

Definition at line 38 of file SpectrumLoaderNuTreeSpillCuts.cxx.

Referenced by operator()().

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