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ana::RecordMultiSink Class Reference

#include "/cvmfs/"

Inheritance diagram for ana::RecordMultiSink:
ana::IRecordSink ana::CutApplier ana::SystApplier ana::WeightApplier

Public Member Functions

void AddSink (IRecordSink *s)
void HandleRecord (caf::SRProxy *sr, double wei) override
int NSinks () const override

Protected Attributes

std::vector< IRecordSink * > fSinks

Detailed Description

Definition at line 9 of file RecordMultiSink.h.

Member Function Documentation

void ana::RecordMultiSink::AddSink ( IRecordSink s)

Definition at line 12 of file RecordMultiSink.h.

References fSinks, HandleRecord(), NSinks(), and sr.

Referenced by ana::SpectrumLoaderBase::AddReweightableSpectrum(), ana::SpectrumLoaderBase::AddSpectrum(), and ana::SpectrumLoaderBase::GetSinkSCW().

12 {fSinks.push_back(s);}
std::vector< IRecordSink * > fSinks
const XML_Char * s
Definition: expat.h:262
void ana::RecordMultiSink::HandleRecord ( caf::SRProxy sr,
double  wei 

Implements ana::IRecordSink.

Reimplemented in ana::SystApplier, and ana::WeightApplier.

Definition at line 6 of file RecordMultiSink.cxx.

References fSinks.

Referenced by AddSink(), ana::WeightApplier::HandleRecord(), ana::SystApplier::HandleRecord(), ana::CutApplier::HandleRecord(), and ana::SpectrumLoader::HandleRecord().

7  {
8  for(IRecordSink* s: fSinks) s->HandleRecord(sr, wei);
9  }
std::vector< IRecordSink * > fSinks
const XML_Char * s
Definition: expat.h:262
int ana::RecordMultiSink::NSinks ( ) const

Implements ana::IRecordSink.

Definition at line 12 of file RecordMultiSink.cxx.

References fSinks, and runNovaSAM::ret.

Referenced by AddSink(), and ana::SpectrumLoader::Go().

13  {
14  int ret = 0;
15  for(IRecordSink* sink: fSinks) ret += sink->NSinks();
16  return ret;
17  }
std::vector< IRecordSink * > fSinks

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<IRecordSink*> ana::RecordMultiSink::fSinks

Definition at line 19 of file RecordMultiSink.h.

Referenced by AddSink(), HandleRecord(), and NSinks().

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