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ana::StanFitter::StanFitSummary Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ana::StanFitter::StanFitSummary:

Public Member Functions

 StanFitSummary (double bestLL)
bool IsBetterThan (const IFitSummary *other) const override
double EvalMetricVal () const override

Private Attributes

double fBestLL

Detailed Description

Definition at line 331 of file StanFitter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ana::StanFitter::StanFitSummary::StanFitSummary ( double  bestLL)

Definition at line 334 of file StanFitter.h.

335  : fBestLL(bestLL)
336  {}

Member Function Documentation

double ana::StanFitter::StanFitSummary::EvalMetricVal ( ) const

What's the value of the thing being minimized or maximized? (LL, chi2, etc.) Interpretation depends on the derived class...

Definition at line 354 of file StanFitter.h.

355  {
356  return fBestLL;
357  }
bool ana::StanFitter::StanFitSummary::IsBetterThan ( const IFitSummary other) const

Definition at line 338 of file StanFitter.h.

References ana::assert().

339  {
340  if (!other)
341  return true;
343  if (auto otherSummary = dynamic_cast<const StanFitSummary*>(other))
344  return EvalMetricVal() > otherSummary->EvalMetricVal();
345  else
346  {
347  assert (false && "Can't compare a StanFitSummary to another kind of IFitSummary!");
348  return false; // prevent compiler warnings
349  }
350  }
double EvalMetricVal() const override
Definition: StanFitter.h:354
assert(nhit_max >=nhit_nbins)

Member Data Documentation

double ana::StanFitter::StanFitSummary::fBestLL

Definition at line 360 of file StanFitter.h.

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