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art::BranchMapper Class Reference

#include "/cvmfs/"

Inheritance diagram for art::BranchMapper:

Public Types

using result_t = cet::exempt_ptr< ProductProvenance const >

Public Member Functions

 BranchMapper (BranchMapper const &)=delete
BranchMapperoperator= (BranchMapper const &)=delete
 BranchMapper (bool delayedRead=false)
virtual ~BranchMapper ()=default
void write (std::ostream &) const
result_t branchToProductProvenance (ProductID const) const
result_t insert (std::unique_ptr< ProductProvenance const > &&)
void setDelayedRead (bool const value)

Private Types

using eiSet = std::map< ProductID, cet::value_ptr< ProductProvenance const >>

Private Member Functions

void readProvenance () const
virtual void readProvenance_ () const

Private Attributes

eiSet entryInfoSet_ {}
bool delayedRead_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file BranchMapper.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 54 of file BranchMapper.h.

Definition at line 37 of file BranchMapper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

art::BranchMapper::BranchMapper ( BranchMapper const &  )
art::BranchMapper::BranchMapper ( bool  delayedRead = false)
virtual art::BranchMapper::~BranchMapper ( )

Member Function Documentation

result_t art::BranchMapper::branchToProductProvenance ( ProductID  const) const
result_t art::BranchMapper::insert ( std::unique_ptr< ProductProvenance const > &&  )
BranchMapper& art::BranchMapper::operator= ( BranchMapper const &  )
void art::BranchMapper::readProvenance ( ) const
virtual void art::BranchMapper::readProvenance_ ( ) const

Reimplemented in art::BranchMapperWithReader.

Definition at line 61 of file BranchMapper.h.

62  {}
void art::BranchMapper::setDelayedRead ( bool const  value)

Definition at line 48 of file BranchMapper.h.

References delayedRead_.

49  {
51  }
const XML_Char int const XML_Char * value
Definition: expat.h:331
void art::BranchMapper::write ( std::ostream &  ) const

Referenced by art::operator<<().

Member Data Documentation

bool art::BranchMapper::delayedRead_

Definition at line 57 of file BranchMapper.h.

Referenced by setDelayedRead().

eiSet art::BranchMapper::entryInfoSet_ {}

Definition at line 56 of file BranchMapper.h.

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