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art::GroupSelectorRules::Rule Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ~Rule ()
 Rule (std::string const &s, std::string const &parameterName, std::string const &owner)
 Rule (Rule const &)=delete
Ruleoperator= (Rule const &)=delete
 Rule (Rule &&)
Ruleoperator= (Rule &&)=delete
void applyToAll (std::vector< BranchSelectState > &branchstates) const
void applyToOne (BranchDescription const *branch, bool &result) const
bool appliesTo (BranchDescription const *branch) const

Private Attributes

bool selectflag_ {false}
BranchKey components_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 47 of file GroupSelectorRules.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

art::GroupSelectorRules::Rule::~Rule ( )
art::GroupSelectorRules::Rule::Rule ( std::string const &  s,
std::string const &  parameterName,
std::string const &  owner 
art::GroupSelectorRules::Rule::Rule ( Rule const &  )
art::GroupSelectorRules::Rule::Rule ( Rule &&  )

Member Function Documentation

bool art::GroupSelectorRules::Rule::appliesTo ( BranchDescription const *  branch) const
void art::GroupSelectorRules::Rule::applyToAll ( std::vector< BranchSelectState > &  branchstates) const
void art::GroupSelectorRules::Rule::applyToOne ( BranchDescription const *  branch,
bool &  result 
) const
Rule& art::GroupSelectorRules::Rule::operator= ( Rule const &  )
Rule& art::GroupSelectorRules::Rule::operator= ( Rule &&  )

Member Data Documentation

BranchKey art::GroupSelectorRules::Rule::components_

Definition at line 75 of file GroupSelectorRules.h.

bool art::GroupSelectorRules::Rule::selectflag_ {false}

Definition at line 74 of file GroupSelectorRules.h.

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