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caf::SRTrainingData Class Reference

#include "/cvmfs/"

Public Member Functions

 SRTrainingData ()
 ~SRTrainingData ()

Public Attributes

unsigned int parent
 Class of the event by parent particle. More...
unsigned int interaction
 Class of the event. More...
unsigned int finalstate
 Class of the event by final state. More...
unsigned int finalstateprong
unsigned int particles
 Class of the event by primary n prongs. More...
float nuenergy
 True energy of neutrino event. More...
float lepenergy
 True energy of outgoing lepton. More...
double vtxx
 True vertex of X position. More...
double vtxy
 True vertex of Y position. More...
double vtxz
 True vertex of Z position. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 13 of file SRTrainingData.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

caf::SRTrainingData::SRTrainingData ( )

Definition at line 8 of file SRTrainingData.cxx.

8  :
9  parent(-1),
10  interaction(-1),
11  finalstate(-1),
12  finalstateprong(-1),
13  particles(-1),
14  nuenergy(-1),
15  lepenergy(-1),
16  vtxx(-1),
17  vtxy(-1),
18  vtxz(-1)
19  { }
unsigned int interaction
Class of the event.
unsigned int parent
Class of the event by parent particle.
unsigned int particles
Class of the event by primary n prongs.
double vtxx
True vertex of X position.
double vtxz
True vertex of Z position.
double vtxy
True vertex of Y position.
float nuenergy
True energy of neutrino event.
unsigned int finalstate
Class of the event by final state.
unsigned int finalstateprong
float lepenergy
True energy of outgoing lepton.
caf::SRTrainingData::~SRTrainingData ( )

Definition at line 21 of file SRTrainingData.cxx.

21 { }

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int caf::SRTrainingData::finalstate
unsigned int caf::SRTrainingData::finalstateprong
unsigned int caf::SRTrainingData::interaction
float caf::SRTrainingData::lepenergy
float caf::SRTrainingData::nuenergy
unsigned int caf::SRTrainingData::parent
unsigned int caf::SRTrainingData::particles
double caf::SRTrainingData::vtxx
double caf::SRTrainingData::vtxy
double caf::SRTrainingData::vtxz

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