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dbutils::hw::Util Class Reference

#include "/cvmfs/"

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static nova::database::TablePositionTable (int detid)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file Installation.h.

Member Function Documentation

nova::database::Table * dbutils::hw::Util::PositionTable ( int  detid)

Definition at line 9 of file Installation.cpp.

References nova::database::Table::CreateFromDB(), mkDefs::detName, novadaq::cnv::DetInfo::GetName(), novadaq::cnv::kNDOS, nova::database::Table::SetIgnoreEnvVar(), nova::database::Table::SetValidityRange(), string, and confusionMatrixTree::t.

Referenced by dbutils::hw::FEB::GetAllInstalled(), dbutils::hw::APD::GetAllInstalled(), dbutils::hw::FEB::Installed(), and dbutils::hw::APD::Installed().

10  {
12  if (detid == novadaq::cnv::kNDOS) {
13  t = new nova::database::Table();
14  t->CreateFromDB("public","hardware_position","",
15  "nova_hardware","5432","nova_reader");
16  t->SetIgnoreEnvVar(true);
18  t->SetValidityRange("detector",detName);
19  }
21  return t;
22  }
static std::string GetName(int id)
bool CreateFromDB(const char *schemaName, const char *tableName, const char *dbhost=0, const char *dbname=0, const char *dbport=0, const char *dbuser=0)
Definition: Table.cpp:104
bool SetValidityRange(std::string cname, T start, T end)
Definition: Table.h:206
Prototype Near Detector on the surface at FNAL.
void SetIgnoreEnvVar(bool f)
Definition: Table.h:56
struct Table Table
Definition: TexBuilder.h:2
enum BeamMode string

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