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evd::MCBriefPad Class Reference

#include "/cvmfs/"

Inheritance diagram for evd::MCBriefPad:

Public Member Functions

 MCBriefPad (const char *nm, const char *ti, double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2, const char *opt)
 ~MCBriefPad ()
void Draw ()
TPad * Pad ()
HeaderDrawerHeaderDraw ()
GeometryDrawerGeometryDraw ()
SimulationDrawerSimulationDraw ()
RawDataDrawerRawDataDraw ()
RecoBaseDrawerRecoBaseDraw ()

Protected Attributes

TPad * fPad
 The ROOT graphics pad. More...
 Drawer for event header info. More...
 Drawer for detector geometry. More...
 Drawer for simulation objects. More...
 Drawer for raw data. More...
 Drawer for recobase objects. More...

Private Attributes

 Superimpose scale on 1D histo. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 14 of file MCBriefPad.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

evd::MCBriefPad::MCBriefPad ( const char *  nm,
const char *  ti,
double  x1,
double  y1,
double  x2,
double  y2,
const char *  opt 

Definition at line 19 of file MCBriefPad.cxx.

References fView, and evd::DrawingPad::Pad().

22  :
23  // Hack to make MCtext region large enough. If one got pad geometry
24  // one could be a good citizen and fix this.
25  DrawingPad(nm, ti, x1, y1*0.95, x2, y2*2)
26  {
27  this->Pad()->cd();
29  fView = new evdb::View2D();
30  }
Float_t y1[n_points_granero]
Definition: compare.C:5
Float_t x1[n_points_granero]
Definition: compare.C:5
evdb::View2D * fView
Superimpose scale on 1D histo.
Definition: MCBriefPad.h:23
static constexpr Double_t nm
Definition: Munits.h:133
TPad * Pad()
Definition: DrawingPad.h:27
DrawingPad(const char *nm, const char *ti, double x1, double y1, double y2, double x2)
Definition: DrawingPad.cxx:34
evd::MCBriefPad::~MCBriefPad ( )

Definition at line 34 of file MCBriefPad.cxx.

References fView.

35  {
36  if (fView) { delete fView; fView = 0; }
37  }
evdb::View2D * fView
Superimpose scale on 1D histo.
Definition: MCBriefPad.h:23

Member Function Documentation

void evd::MCBriefPad::Draw ( )

Definition at line 41 of file MCBriefPad.cxx.

References evdb::View2D::Clear(), evdb::View2D::Draw(), evt, evd::DrawingPad::fPad, fView, evdb::EventHolder::GetEvent(), evdb::EventHolder::Instance(), evd::SimulationDrawer::MCTruthLongText(), evd::SimulationDrawer::MCTruthShortText(), evd::DrawingPad::Pad(), and evd::DrawingPad::SimulationDraw().

Referenced by evd::XZYZProjectionsView::Draw(), and evd::XZYZProjectionsView::XZYZProjectionsView().

42  {
43  fView->Clear();
46  if(evt){
47  this->SimulationDraw()->MCTruthShortText(*evt, fView);
48  this->SimulationDraw()->MCTruthLongText(*evt, fView);
49  }
51  fPad->cd();
52  this->Pad()->Clear();
53  fView->Draw();
54  }
const art::Event * GetEvent() const
Definition: EventHolder.cxx:45
void MCTruthLongText(const art::Event &evt, evdb::View2D *view)
evdb::View2D * fView
Superimpose scale on 1D histo.
Definition: MCBriefPad.h:23
void Clear()
Definition: View2D.cxx:109
void Draw()
Definition: View2D.cxx:89
static EventHolder * Instance()
Definition: EventHolder.cxx:15
int evt
TPad * Pad()
Definition: DrawingPad.h:27
SimulationDrawer * SimulationDraw()
Definition: DrawingPad.cxx:82
void MCTruthShortText(const art::Event &evt, evdb::View2D *view)
TPad * fPad
The ROOT graphics pad.
Definition: DrawingPad.h:37
GeometryDrawer * evd::DrawingPad::GeometryDraw ( )

Provide access to the drawer for the detector geometry

Definition at line 73 of file DrawingPad.cxx.

References evd::DrawingPad::fGeometryDraw.

Referenced by evd::Display3DPad::Draw(), evd::TZProjPad::Draw(), and evd::DrawingPad::Pad().

74  {
75  if (fGeometryDraw==0) fGeometryDraw = new GeometryDrawer();
76  return fGeometryDraw;
77  }
GeometryDrawer * fGeometryDraw
Drawer for detector geometry.
Definition: DrawingPad.h:39
HeaderDrawer * evd::DrawingPad::HeaderDraw ( )

Provide access to the drawer for the event header

Definition at line 64 of file DrawingPad.cxx.

References evd::DrawingPad::fHeaderDraw.

Referenced by evd::HeaderPad::Draw(), evd::Display3DPad::Draw(), and evd::DrawingPad::Pad().

65  {
66  if (fHeaderDraw==0) fHeaderDraw = new HeaderDrawer();
67  return fHeaderDraw;
68  }
HeaderDrawer * fHeaderDraw
Drawer for event header info.
Definition: DrawingPad.h:38
TPad* evd::DrawingPad::Pad ( )
RawDataDrawer * evd::DrawingPad::RawDataDraw ( )

Provide access to the drawer for the RawData classes

Definition at line 91 of file DrawingPad.cxx.

References evd::DrawingPad::fRawDataDraw.

Referenced by evd::TZProjPad::AutoZoom(), evd::TQPad::Draw(), evd::HardwarePad::Draw(), evd::Display3DPad::Draw(), evd::TZProjPad::Draw(), and evd::DrawingPad::Pad().

92  {
93  if (fRawDataDraw==0) fRawDataDraw = new RawDataDrawer();
94  return fRawDataDraw;
95  }
RawDataDrawer * fRawDataDraw
Drawer for raw data.
Definition: DrawingPad.h:41
RecoBaseDrawer * evd::DrawingPad::RecoBaseDraw ( )

Provide access to the drawer for RecoBase classes

Definition at line 101 of file DrawingPad.cxx.

References evd::DrawingPad::fRecoBaseDraw.

Referenced by evd::TQPad::Draw(), evd::Display3DPad::Draw(), evd::TZProjPad::Draw(), and evd::DrawingPad::Pad().

102  {
103  if (fRecoBaseDraw==0) fRecoBaseDraw = new RecoBaseDrawer();
104  return fRecoBaseDraw;
105  }
RecoBaseDrawer * fRecoBaseDraw
Drawer for recobase objects.
Definition: DrawingPad.h:42
SimulationDrawer * evd::DrawingPad::SimulationDraw ( )

Provide access to the drawer for the Simulation classes

Definition at line 82 of file DrawingPad.cxx.

References evd::DrawingPad::fSimulationDraw.

Referenced by evd::TZProjPad::AutoZoomTruth(), Draw(), evd::TQPad::Draw(), evd::Display3DPad::Draw(), evd::TZProjPad::Draw(), and evd::DrawingPad::Pad().

83  {
84  if (fSimulationDraw==0) fSimulationDraw = new SimulationDrawer();
85  return fSimulationDraw;
86  }
SimulationDrawer * fSimulationDraw
Drawer for simulation objects.
Definition: DrawingPad.h:40

Member Data Documentation

GeometryDrawer* evd::DrawingPad::fGeometryDraw

Drawer for detector geometry.

Definition at line 39 of file DrawingPad.h.

Referenced by evd::DrawingPad::GeometryDraw(), and evd::DrawingPad::~DrawingPad().

HeaderDrawer* evd::DrawingPad::fHeaderDraw

Drawer for event header info.

Definition at line 38 of file DrawingPad.h.

Referenced by evd::DrawingPad::HeaderDraw(), and evd::DrawingPad::~DrawingPad().

TPad* evd::DrawingPad::fPad
RawDataDrawer* evd::DrawingPad::fRawDataDraw

Drawer for raw data.

Definition at line 41 of file DrawingPad.h.

Referenced by evd::DrawingPad::RawDataDraw(), and evd::DrawingPad::~DrawingPad().

RecoBaseDrawer* evd::DrawingPad::fRecoBaseDraw

Drawer for recobase objects.

Definition at line 42 of file DrawingPad.h.

Referenced by evd::DrawingPad::RecoBaseDraw(), and evd::DrawingPad::~DrawingPad().

SimulationDrawer* evd::DrawingPad::fSimulationDraw

Drawer for simulation objects.

Definition at line 40 of file DrawingPad.h.

Referenced by evd::DrawingPad::SimulationDraw(), and evd::DrawingPad::~DrawingPad().

evdb::View2D* evd::MCBriefPad::fView

Superimpose scale on 1D histo.

Definition at line 23 of file MCBriefPad.h.

Referenced by Draw(), MCBriefPad(), and ~MCBriefPad().

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