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evdb::NavState Class Reference

#include "/cvmfs/"

Static Public Member Functions

static int Which ()
static void Set (int which)
static void SetTarget (int run, int event)
static int TargetRun ()
static int TargetEvent ()

Private Member Functions

 NavState ()

Detailed Description

Encapsulate some data about where the display should go next

Since there can only be one state, these are implemented as a set of static methods

Definition at line 25 of file NavState.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

evdb::NavState::NavState ( )

Definition at line 33 of file NavState.h.

33 { }

Member Function Documentation

void evdb::NavState::Set ( int  which)

Definition at line 24 of file NavState.cxx.

References evdb::kSEQUENTIAL_ONLY.

Referenced by evdb::ParameterSetEdit::Apply(), evdb::ParameterSetEditDialog::Apply(), evdb::ParameterSetEdit::Done(), evdb::ButtonBar::GoTo(), evd::SliceNavigator::Next(), evdb::ScanWindow::Next(), evdb::ButtonBar::NextEvt(), evd::SliceNavigator::postProcessEvent(), evdb::EventDisplay::postProcessEvent(), evdb::ScanWindow::Prev(), evdb::ButtonBar::PrevEvt(), evd::SliceNavigator::Previous(), evdb::ScanWindow::Rec(), evdb::ButtonBar::ReloadEvt(), evd::SliceNavigator::SetCurrentSlice(), and evd::SliceNavigator::SetFullEventMode().

25  {
26  // only allow the state to change if it has not been previously set
27  // to kSEQUENTIAL_ONLY, this should be made more intelligent, ie
28  // if we can only do sequential access because we are using the
29  // socket input source, then we shouldn't be allowed to press the
30  // other buttons
32  gsNavState = which;
34  gROOT->GetApplication()->Terminate();
35  }
static int gsNavState
Definition: NavState.cxx:14
void evdb::NavState::SetTarget ( int  run,
int  event 

Definition at line 39 of file NavState.cxx.

References updateRunHistoryTables::run.

Referenced by evdb::ButtonBar::GoTo().

40  {
41  gsTargetRun = run;
42  gsTargetEvent = event;
43  }
static int gsTargetEvent
Definition: NavState.cxx:16
static int gsTargetRun
Definition: NavState.cxx:15
int evdb::NavState::TargetEvent ( )

Definition at line 51 of file NavState.cxx.

References evdb::gsTargetEvent.

Referenced by evdb::EventDisplay::postProcessEvent().

51 { return gsTargetEvent; }
static int gsTargetEvent
Definition: NavState.cxx:16
int evdb::NavState::TargetRun ( )

Definition at line 47 of file NavState.cxx.

References evdb::gsTargetRun.

Referenced by evdb::EventDisplay::postProcessEvent().

47 { return gsTargetRun; }
static int gsTargetRun
Definition: NavState.cxx:15
int evdb::NavState::Which ( )

Definition at line 20 of file NavState.cxx.

References evdb::gsNavState.

Referenced by evdb::EventDisplay::postProcessEvent().

20 { return gsNavState; }
static int gsNavState
Definition: NavState.cxx:14

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