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fhicl::detail::it_value_get< intermediate_table::table_t > Class Template Reference

#include "/cvmfs/"

Public Member Functions

intermediate_table::table_t operator() (intermediate_table &table, std::string const &name)

Detailed Description

class fhicl::detail::it_value_get< intermediate_table::table_t >

Definition at line 241 of file intermediate_table.h.

Member Function Documentation

Definition at line 244 of file intermediate_table.h.

References fhicl::intermediate_table::find(), and fhicl::extended_value::value.

245  {
246  return boost::any_cast<intermediate_table::table_t>(
247  table.find(name).value);
248  }
const XML_Char * name
Definition: expat.h:151
extended_value::table_t table_t

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