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flat::FlatBPFEnergy Class Reference

Flat encoding of SRBPFEnergy. More...

#include "/cvmfs/"

Public Member Functions

 FlatBPFEnergy (const std::string &prefix, TTree *tr, const IBranchPolicy *policy)
 ~FlatBPFEnergy ()
void Fill (const caf::SRBPFEnergy &sr)

Protected Attributes

float E1
float Eres1
float E2
float Eres2
float E3
float Eres3
float EventID
float PMuon
float DirZMuon
float N3DProngs
float EFuzzyK3D
float ERemain
float SumPE

Detailed Description

Flat encoding of SRBPFEnergy.

Definition at line 20 of file FlatBPFEnergy.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

flat::FlatBPFEnergy::FlatBPFEnergy ( const std::string prefix,
TTree *  tr,
const IBranchPolicy policy 

Definition at line 2675 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

References compare_h5_caf::branch.

2676 {
2677  branch(tr, prefix+"E1", &E1, policy);
2678  branch(tr, prefix+"Eres1", &Eres1, policy);
2679  branch(tr, prefix+"E2", &E2, policy);
2680  branch(tr, prefix+"Eres2", &Eres2, policy);
2681  branch(tr, prefix+"E3", &E3, policy);
2682  branch(tr, prefix+"Eres3", &Eres3, policy);
2683  branch(tr, prefix+"EventID", &EventID, policy);
2684  branch(tr, prefix+"PMuon", &PMuon, policy);
2685  branch(tr, prefix+"DirZMuon", &DirZMuon, policy);
2686  branch(tr, prefix+"N3DProngs", &N3DProngs, policy);
2687  branch(tr, prefix+"EFuzzyK3D", &EFuzzyK3D, policy);
2688  branch(tr, prefix+"ERemain", &ERemain, policy);
2689  branch(tr, prefix+"SumPE", &SumPE, policy);
2690 }
const XML_Char * prefix
Definition: expat.h:380
flat::FlatBPFEnergy::~FlatBPFEnergy ( )

Definition at line 2692 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

2693 {
2694 }

Member Function Documentation

void flat::FlatBPFEnergy::Fill ( const caf::SRBPFEnergy sr)

Definition at line 2696 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

References caf::SRBPFEnergy::DirZMuon, caf::SRBPFEnergy::E1, caf::SRBPFEnergy::E2, caf::SRBPFEnergy::E3, caf::SRBPFEnergy::EFuzzyK3D, caf::SRBPFEnergy::ERemain, caf::SRBPFEnergy::Eres1, caf::SRBPFEnergy::Eres2, caf::SRBPFEnergy::Eres3, caf::SRBPFEnergy::EventID, caf::SRBPFEnergy::N3DProngs, caf::SRBPFEnergy::PMuon, and caf::SRBPFEnergy::SumPE.

Referenced by flat::FlatNumuEnergy::Fill().

2697 {
2698  E1 = sr.E1;
2699  Eres1 = sr.Eres1;
2700  E2 = sr.E2;
2701  Eres2 = sr.Eres2;
2702  E3 = sr.E3;
2703  Eres3 = sr.Eres3;
2704  EventID = sr.EventID;
2705  PMuon = sr.PMuon;
2706  DirZMuon = sr.DirZMuon;
2707  N3DProngs = sr.N3DProngs;
2708  EFuzzyK3D = sr.EFuzzyK3D;
2709  ERemain = sr.ERemain;
2710  SumPE = sr.SumPE;
2711 }
float Eres1
Estimated event energy resolution (GeV) (using an unoscillated training sample)
Definition: SRBPFEnergy.h:19
float PMuon
BPF reconstructed momentum for the prong with the best muon PID value.
Definition: SRBPFEnergy.h:25
float DirZMuon
BPF reconstructed track direction for the prong with the best muon PID value.
Definition: SRBPFEnergy.h:26
float Eres3
Estimated event energy resolution (GeV) (using a training sample with dm^2 = 2.4e-3, sin^2(2th23) = 1.0)
Definition: SRBPFEnergy.h:23
float E2
Total event energy (GeV) (using a training sample with dm^2 = 2.4e-3, sin^2(2th23) = 0...
Definition: SRBPFEnergy.h:20
float ERemain
Summed remaining energy in the slice (not on fuzzyK 3D prongs)
Definition: SRBPFEnergy.h:29
float EventID
BPF muon PID value used to pick out the most muon like track.
Definition: SRBPFEnergy.h:24
float EFuzzyK3D
Summed energy from hits on fuzzyK 3D prongs (not including the prong with the best muonPID) ...
Definition: SRBPFEnergy.h:28
float E3
Total event energy (GeV) (using a training sample with dm^2 = 2.4e-3, sin^2(2th23) = 1...
Definition: SRBPFEnergy.h:22
float E1
Total event energy (GeV) (using an unoscillated training sample)
Definition: SRBPFEnergy.h:18
float SumPE
Summed PE for all hits not on the muon track.
Definition: SRBPFEnergy.h:30
float N3DProngs
Number of fuzzyK 3D prongs.
Definition: SRBPFEnergy.h:27
float Eres2
Estimated event energy resolution (GeV) (using a training sample with dm^2 = 2.4e-3, sin^2(2th23) = 0.95)
Definition: SRBPFEnergy.h:21

Member Data Documentation

float flat::FlatBPFEnergy::DirZMuon

Definition at line 37 of file FlatBPFEnergy.h.

float flat::FlatBPFEnergy::E1

Definition at line 29 of file FlatBPFEnergy.h.

float flat::FlatBPFEnergy::E2

Definition at line 31 of file FlatBPFEnergy.h.

float flat::FlatBPFEnergy::E3

Definition at line 33 of file FlatBPFEnergy.h.

float flat::FlatBPFEnergy::EFuzzyK3D

Definition at line 39 of file FlatBPFEnergy.h.

float flat::FlatBPFEnergy::ERemain

Definition at line 40 of file FlatBPFEnergy.h.

float flat::FlatBPFEnergy::Eres1

Definition at line 30 of file FlatBPFEnergy.h.

float flat::FlatBPFEnergy::Eres2

Definition at line 32 of file FlatBPFEnergy.h.

float flat::FlatBPFEnergy::Eres3

Definition at line 34 of file FlatBPFEnergy.h.

float flat::FlatBPFEnergy::EventID

Definition at line 35 of file FlatBPFEnergy.h.

float flat::FlatBPFEnergy::N3DProngs

Definition at line 38 of file FlatBPFEnergy.h.

float flat::FlatBPFEnergy::PMuon

Definition at line 36 of file FlatBPFEnergy.h.

float flat::FlatBPFEnergy::SumPE

Definition at line 41 of file FlatBPFEnergy.h.

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