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flat::FlatCosRej Class Reference

Flat encoding of SRCosRej. More...

#include "/cvmfs/"

Public Member Functions

 FlatCosRej (const std::string &prefix, TTree *tr, const IBranchPolicy *policy)
 ~FlatCosRej ()
void Fill (const caf::SRCosRej &sr)

Protected Attributes

float mindist
int mincell
float anglekal
float anglecos
int nkal3d
float costhetatrue
float kalthetatrue
int pdgbest
float numucontpid2020
float numucontpid2019
float numuunconttunedpid
float scatt
float fscattmax
float fscattsum
float fscattext
float fscattsig
float eratio
float hadE
float kfitspeed
float cfitspeed
float kdirscore
float cdirscore
float kscorediff
float cscorediff
float kalslope
float kalchisq
float kalchidiff
float cosslope
float coschisq
float coschidiff

Detailed Description

Flat encoding of SRCosRej.

Definition at line 20 of file FlatCosRej.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

flat::FlatCosRej::FlatCosRej ( const std::string prefix,
TTree *  tr,
const IBranchPolicy policy 

Definition at line 2171 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

References compare_h5_caf::branch.

2172 {
2173  branch(tr, prefix+"mindist", &mindist, policy);
2174  branch(tr, prefix+"mincell", &mincell, policy);
2175  branch(tr, prefix+"anglekal", &anglekal, policy);
2176  branch(tr, prefix+"anglecos", &anglecos, policy);
2177  branch(tr, prefix+"nkal3d", &nkal3d, policy);
2178  branch(tr, prefix+"costhetatrue", &costhetatrue, policy);
2179  branch(tr, prefix+"kalthetatrue", &kalthetatrue, policy);
2180  branch(tr, prefix+"pdgbest", &pdgbest, policy);
2181  branch(tr, prefix+"numucontpid2020", &numucontpid2020, policy);
2182  branch(tr, prefix+"numucontpid2019", &numucontpid2019, policy);
2183  branch(tr, prefix+"numuunconttunedpid", &numuunconttunedpid, policy);
2184  branch(tr, prefix+"scatt", &scatt, policy);
2185  branch(tr, prefix+"fscattmax", &fscattmax, policy);
2186  branch(tr, prefix+"fscattsum", &fscattsum, policy);
2187  branch(tr, prefix+"fscattext", &fscattext, policy);
2188  branch(tr, prefix+"fscattsig", &fscattsig, policy);
2189  branch(tr, prefix+"eratio", &eratio, policy);
2190  branch(tr, prefix+"hadE", &hadE, policy);
2191  branch(tr, prefix+"kfitspeed", &kfitspeed, policy);
2192  branch(tr, prefix+"cfitspeed", &cfitspeed, policy);
2193  branch(tr, prefix+"kdirscore", &kdirscore, policy);
2194  branch(tr, prefix+"cdirscore", &cdirscore, policy);
2195  branch(tr, prefix+"kscorediff", &kscorediff, policy);
2196  branch(tr, prefix+"cscorediff", &cscorediff, policy);
2197  branch(tr, prefix+"kalslope", &kalslope, policy);
2198  branch(tr, prefix+"kalchisq", &kalchisq, policy);
2199  branch(tr, prefix+"kalchidiff", &kalchidiff, policy);
2200  branch(tr, prefix+"cosslope", &cosslope, policy);
2201  branch(tr, prefix+"coschisq", &coschisq, policy);
2202  branch(tr, prefix+"coschidiff", &coschidiff, policy);
2203 }
float numuunconttunedpid
Definition: FlatCosRej.h:39
float numucontpid2020
Definition: FlatCosRej.h:37
float kalthetatrue
Definition: FlatCosRej.h:35
const XML_Char * prefix
Definition: expat.h:380
float numucontpid2019
Definition: FlatCosRej.h:38
float costhetatrue
Definition: FlatCosRej.h:34
flat::FlatCosRej::~FlatCosRej ( )

Definition at line 2205 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

2206 {
2207 }

Member Function Documentation

void flat::FlatCosRej::Fill ( const caf::SRCosRej sr)

Definition at line 2209 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

References caf::SRCosRej::anglecos, caf::SRCosRej::anglekal, caf::SRCosRej::cdirscore, caf::SRCosRej::cfitspeed, caf::SRCosRej::coschidiff, caf::SRCosRej::coschisq, caf::SRCosRej::cosslope, caf::SRCosRej::costhetatrue, caf::SRCosRej::cscorediff, caf::SRCosRej::eratio, caf::SRCosRej::fscattext, caf::SRCosRej::fscattmax, caf::SRCosRej::fscattsig, caf::SRCosRej::fscattsum, caf::SRCosRej::hadE, caf::SRCosRej::kalchidiff, caf::SRCosRej::kalchisq, caf::SRCosRej::kalslope, caf::SRCosRej::kalthetatrue, caf::SRCosRej::kdirscore, caf::SRCosRej::kfitspeed, caf::SRCosRej::kscorediff, caf::SRCosRej::mincell, caf::SRCosRej::mindist, caf::SRCosRej::nkal3d, caf::SRCosRej::numucontpid2019, caf::SRCosRej::numucontpid2020, caf::SRCosRej::numuunconttunedpid, caf::SRCosRej::pdgbest, and caf::SRCosRej::scatt.

2210 {
2211  mindist = sr.mindist;
2212  mincell = sr.mincell;
2213  anglekal = sr.anglekal;
2214  anglecos = sr.anglecos;
2215  nkal3d = sr.nkal3d;
2218  pdgbest = sr.pdgbest;
2222  scatt = sr.scatt;
2223  fscattmax = sr.fscattmax;
2224  fscattsum = sr.fscattsum;
2225  fscattext = sr.fscattext;
2226  fscattsig = sr.fscattsig;
2227  eratio = sr.eratio;
2228  hadE = sr.hadE;
2229  kfitspeed = sr.kfitspeed;
2230  cfitspeed = sr.cfitspeed;
2231  kdirscore = sr.kdirscore;
2232  cdirscore = sr.cdirscore;
2233  kscorediff = sr.kscorediff;
2234  cscorediff = sr.cscorediff;
2235  kalslope = sr.kalslope;
2236  kalchisq = sr.kalchisq;
2237  kalchidiff = sr.kalchidiff;
2238  cosslope = sr.cosslope;
2239  coschisq = sr.coschisq;
2240  coschidiff = sr.coschidiff;
2241 }
float fscattsum
sum of scattering angles (Fernanda)
Definition: SRCosRej.h:43
float kalchisq
chisq value of slope fit (kalmantrack)
Definition: SRCosRej.h:62
float numuunconttunedpid
Definition: FlatCosRej.h:39
float costhetatrue
cosine of angle between cosmic trk dir and true dir of most contributing particle ...
Definition: SRCosRej.h:26
float cfitspeed
fit inverse speed (ns/cm) of Hough timing fit (TimingFit module) for cosmic track ...
Definition: SRCosRej.h:56
float numucontpid2020
Definition: FlatCosRej.h:37
float cosslope
slope of track timing fit (cosmictrack)
Definition: SRCosRej.h:64
int pdgbest
pdg code of most contributing true particle to best kalman trk
Definition: SRCosRej.h:28
float fscattsig
sigma of scattering variable distribution (Fernanda)
Definition: SRCosRej.h:45
float scatt
sum of all all angular deviation (looping over kaltrk traj pts) / trk len
Definition: SRCosRej.h:41
float cscorediff
chisq score difference between best +c/-c assumption and free fit in Hough timing fit (TimingFit modu...
Definition: SRCosRej.h:60
float kalslope
slope of track timing fit (kalmantrack)
Definition: SRCosRej.h:61
float hadE
GeV sum of non (Kalman best ReMId) track E.
Definition: SRCosRej.h:51
float mindist
minimum projected distance to edge of any Kalman track with > 15 hits
Definition: SRCosRej.h:17
float anglekal
cos of angle of best ReMId Kalman track
Definition: SRCosRej.h:23
int mincell
minimum projected cells to edge of any Kalman track with > 15 hits
Definition: SRCosRej.h:18
float kdirscore
chisq score difference between +c and -c assumptions in Hough timing fit (TimingFit module) for best ...
Definition: SRCosRej.h:57
float kalthetatrue
Definition: FlatCosRej.h:35
float numucontpid2019
Definition: FlatCosRej.h:38
float kalchidiff
chisq difference of track timing fits (kalmantrack)
Definition: SRCosRej.h:63
float coschidiff
chisq difference of track timing fits (cosmictrack)
Definition: SRCosRej.h:66
float coschisq
chisq value of slope fit (cosmictrack)
Definition: SRCosRej.h:65
int nkal3d
number of 3D tracks as determined by Kalman tracker
Definition: SRCosRej.h:25
float eratio
ratio of best kalman track GeV / slice GeV
Definition: SRCosRej.h:50
float kalthetatrue
cosine of angle between kalman trk dir and true dir of most contributing particle ...
Definition: SRCosRej.h:27
float numuunconttunedpid
tuned cosmic rejection PID for uncontained events - Jose's;
Definition: SRCosRej.h:36
float numucontpid2019
cosmic rejection PID for contained events; 2019 Analysis
Definition: SRCosRej.h:35
float costhetatrue
Definition: FlatCosRej.h:34
float numucontpid2020
cosmic rejection PID for contained events; 2020 Analysis
Definition: SRCosRej.h:34
float kfitspeed
fit inverse speed (ns/cm) of Hough timing fit (TimingFit module) for best ReMId Kalman track ...
Definition: SRCosRej.h:55
float anglecos
cos of angle of Cosmic Track
Definition: SRCosRej.h:24
float kscorediff
chisq score difference between best +c/-c assumption and free fit in Hough timing fit (TimingFit modu...
Definition: SRCosRej.h:59
float fscattext
scattering variable (Fernanda)
Definition: SRCosRej.h:44
float cdirscore
chisq score difference between +c and -c assumptions in Hough timing fit (TimingFit module) for cosmi...
Definition: SRCosRej.h:58
float fscattmax
maximum scattering angle (Fernanda)
Definition: SRCosRej.h:42

Member Data Documentation

float flat::FlatCosRej::anglecos

Definition at line 32 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::anglekal

Definition at line 31 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::cdirscore

Definition at line 50 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::cfitspeed

Definition at line 48 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::coschidiff

Definition at line 58 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::coschisq

Definition at line 57 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::cosslope

Definition at line 56 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::costhetatrue

Definition at line 34 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::cscorediff

Definition at line 52 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::eratio

Definition at line 45 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::fscattext

Definition at line 43 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::fscattmax

Definition at line 41 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::fscattsig

Definition at line 44 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::fscattsum

Definition at line 42 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::hadE

Definition at line 46 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::kalchidiff

Definition at line 55 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::kalchisq

Definition at line 54 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::kalslope

Definition at line 53 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::kalthetatrue

Definition at line 35 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::kdirscore

Definition at line 49 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::kfitspeed

Definition at line 47 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::kscorediff

Definition at line 51 of file FlatCosRej.h.

int flat::FlatCosRej::mincell

Definition at line 30 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::mindist

Definition at line 29 of file FlatCosRej.h.

int flat::FlatCosRej::nkal3d

Definition at line 33 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::numucontpid2019

Definition at line 38 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::numucontpid2020

Definition at line 37 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::numuunconttunedpid

Definition at line 39 of file FlatCosRej.h.

int flat::FlatCosRej::pdgbest

Definition at line 36 of file FlatCosRej.h.

float flat::FlatCosRej::scatt

Definition at line 40 of file FlatCosRej.h.

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