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flat::FlatCosmicCVN Class Reference

Flat encoding of SRCosmicCVN. More...

#include "/cvmfs/"

Public Member Functions

 FlatCosmicCVN (const std::string &prefix, TTree *tr, const IBranchPolicy *policy)
 ~FlatCosmicCVN ()
void Fill (const caf::SRCosmicCVN &sr)

Protected Attributes

int nHits
float timeWinMin
float timeWinMax
float numuVal
float nueVal
float nutauVal
float ncVal
float cosmicVal
bool passSel

Detailed Description

Flat encoding of SRCosmicCVN.

Definition at line 20 of file FlatCosmicCVN.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

flat::FlatCosmicCVN::FlatCosmicCVN ( const std::string prefix,
TTree *  tr,
const IBranchPolicy policy 

Definition at line 5174 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

References compare_h5_caf::branch.

5175 {
5176  branch(tr, prefix+"nHits", &nHits, policy);
5177  branch(tr, prefix+"timeWinMin", &timeWinMin, policy);
5178  branch(tr, prefix+"timeWinMax", &timeWinMax, policy);
5179  branch(tr, prefix+"numuVal", &numuVal, policy);
5180  branch(tr, prefix+"nueVal", &nueVal, policy);
5181  branch(tr, prefix+"nutauVal", &nutauVal, policy);
5182  branch(tr, prefix+"ncVal", &ncVal, policy);
5183  branch(tr, prefix+"cosmicVal", &cosmicVal, policy);
5184  branch(tr, prefix+"passSel", &passSel, policy);
5185 }
const XML_Char * prefix
Definition: expat.h:380
flat::FlatCosmicCVN::~FlatCosmicCVN ( )

Definition at line 5187 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

5188 {
5189 }

Member Function Documentation

void flat::FlatCosmicCVN::Fill ( const caf::SRCosmicCVN sr)

Definition at line 5191 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

References caf::SRCosmicCVN::cosmicVal, caf::SRCosmicCVN::ncVal, caf::SRCosmicCVN::nHits, caf::SRCosmicCVN::nueVal, caf::SRCosmicCVN::numuVal, caf::SRCosmicCVN::nutauVal, caf::SRCosmicCVN::passSel, caf::SRCosmicCVN::timeWinMax, and caf::SRCosmicCVN::timeWinMin.

Referenced by flat::FlatSpill::Fill().

5192 {
5193  nHits = sr.nHits;
5194  timeWinMin = sr.timeWinMin;
5195  timeWinMax = sr.timeWinMax;
5196  numuVal = sr.numuVal;
5197  nueVal = sr.nueVal;
5198  nutauVal = sr.nutauVal;
5199  ncVal = sr.ncVal;
5200  cosmicVal = sr.cosmicVal;
5201  passSel = sr.passSel;
5202 }

Member Data Documentation

float flat::FlatCosmicCVN::cosmicVal

Definition at line 36 of file FlatCosmicCVN.h.

float flat::FlatCosmicCVN::ncVal

Definition at line 35 of file FlatCosmicCVN.h.

int flat::FlatCosmicCVN::nHits

Definition at line 29 of file FlatCosmicCVN.h.

float flat::FlatCosmicCVN::nueVal

Definition at line 33 of file FlatCosmicCVN.h.

float flat::FlatCosmicCVN::numuVal

Definition at line 32 of file FlatCosmicCVN.h.

float flat::FlatCosmicCVN::nutauVal

Definition at line 34 of file FlatCosmicCVN.h.

bool flat::FlatCosmicCVN::passSel

Definition at line 37 of file FlatCosmicCVN.h.

float flat::FlatCosmicCVN::timeWinMax

Definition at line 31 of file FlatCosmicCVN.h.

float flat::FlatCosmicCVN::timeWinMin

Definition at line 30 of file FlatCosmicCVN.h.

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