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flat::FlatJMEid Class Reference

Flat encoding of SRJMEid. More...

#include "/cvmfs/"

Public Member Functions

 FlatJMEid (const std::string &prefix, TTree *tr, const IBranchPolicy *policy)
 ~FlatJMEid ()
void Fill (const caf::SRJMEid &sr)

Protected Attributes

float ann
float annE
float annEL
float annEPi0
float annEPi0EL
float annNoCos
float annENoCos
int ismuon
float dedx0
float dedx1
float dedx2
float dedx3
float dedx4
float dedx5
float eglll
float egllt
float emulll
float emullt
float epi0lll
float epi0llt
float eplll
float epllt
float enlll
float enllt
float epilll
float epillt
float vtxgev
float pi0mass
float shwEFrac
float gap
float costheta
float elll
float ellt
float eellll
float eelllt
float mulll
float mullt

Detailed Description

Flat encoding of SRJMEid.

Definition at line 20 of file FlatJMEid.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

flat::FlatJMEid::FlatJMEid ( const std::string prefix,
TTree *  tr,
const IBranchPolicy policy 

Definition at line 757 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

References compare_h5_caf::branch, and flat::FlatJMShower::gap.

758 {
759  branch(tr, prefix+"ann", &ann, policy);
760  branch(tr, prefix+"annE", &annE, policy);
761  branch(tr, prefix+"annEL", &annEL, policy);
762  branch(tr, prefix+"annEPi0", &annEPi0, policy);
763  branch(tr, prefix+"annEPi0EL", &annEPi0EL, policy);
764  branch(tr, prefix+"annNoCos", &annNoCos, policy);
765  branch(tr, prefix+"annENoCos", &annENoCos, policy);
766  branch(tr, prefix+"ismuon", &ismuon, policy);
767  branch(tr, prefix+"dedx0", &dedx0, policy);
768  branch(tr, prefix+"dedx1", &dedx1, policy);
769  branch(tr, prefix+"dedx2", &dedx2, policy);
770  branch(tr, prefix+"dedx3", &dedx3, policy);
771  branch(tr, prefix+"dedx4", &dedx4, policy);
772  branch(tr, prefix+"dedx5", &dedx5, policy);
773  branch(tr, prefix+"eglll", &eglll, policy);
774  branch(tr, prefix+"egllt", &egllt, policy);
775  branch(tr, prefix+"emulll", &emulll, policy);
776  branch(tr, prefix+"emullt", &emullt, policy);
777  branch(tr, prefix+"epi0lll", &epi0lll, policy);
778  branch(tr, prefix+"epi0llt", &epi0llt, policy);
779  branch(tr, prefix+"eplll", &eplll, policy);
780  branch(tr, prefix+"epllt", &epllt, policy);
781  branch(tr, prefix+"enlll", &enlll, policy);
782  branch(tr, prefix+"enllt", &enllt, policy);
783  branch(tr, prefix+"epilll", &epilll, policy);
784  branch(tr, prefix+"epillt", &epillt, policy);
785  branch(tr, prefix+"vtxgev", &vtxgev, policy);
786  branch(tr, prefix+"pi0mass", &pi0mass, policy);
787  branch(tr, prefix+"shwEFrac", &shwEFrac, policy);
788  branch(tr, prefix+"gap", &gap, policy);
789  branch(tr, prefix+"costheta", &costheta, policy);
790  branch(tr, prefix+"elll", &elll, policy);
791  branch(tr, prefix+"ellt", &ellt, policy);
792  branch(tr, prefix+"eellll", &eellll, policy);
793  branch(tr, prefix+"eelllt", &eelllt, policy);
794  branch(tr, prefix+"mulll", &mulll, policy);
795  branch(tr, prefix+"mullt", &mullt, policy);
796 }
float annEPi0EL
Definition: FlatJMEid.h:33
float shwEFrac
Definition: FlatJMEid.h:57
float annNoCos
Definition: FlatJMEid.h:34
const XML_Char * prefix
Definition: expat.h:380
float annENoCos
Definition: FlatJMEid.h:35
float costheta
Definition: FlatJMEid.h:59
flat::FlatJMEid::~FlatJMEid ( )

Definition at line 798 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

799 {
800 }

Member Function Documentation

void flat::FlatJMEid::Fill ( const caf::SRJMEid sr)

Definition at line 802 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

References caf::SRJMEid::ann, caf::SRJMEid::annE, caf::SRJMEid::annEL, caf::SRJMEid::annENoCos, caf::SRJMEid::annEPi0, caf::SRJMEid::annEPi0EL, caf::SRJMEid::annNoCos, caf::SRJMEid::costheta, caf::SRJMEid::dedx0, caf::SRJMEid::dedx1, caf::SRJMEid::dedx2, caf::SRJMEid::dedx3, caf::SRJMEid::dedx4, caf::SRJMEid::dedx5, caf::SRJMEid::eellll, caf::SRJMEid::eelllt, caf::SRJMEid::eglll, caf::SRJMEid::egllt, caf::SRJMEid::elll, caf::SRJMEid::ellt, caf::SRJMEid::emulll, caf::SRJMEid::emullt, caf::SRJMEid::enlll, caf::SRJMEid::enllt, caf::SRJMEid::epi0lll, caf::SRJMEid::epi0llt, caf::SRJMEid::epilll, caf::SRJMEid::epillt, caf::SRJMEid::eplll, caf::SRJMEid::epllt, flat::FlatJMShower::gap, caf::SRJMEid::gap, caf::SRJMEid::ismuon, caf::SRJMEid::mulll, caf::SRJMEid::mullt, caf::SRJMEid::pi0mass, caf::SRJMEid::shwEFrac, and caf::SRJMEid::vtxgev.

Referenced by flat::FlatNueSandbox::Fill().

803 {
804  ann = sr.ann;
805  annE = sr.annE;
806  annEL = sr.annEL;
807  annEPi0 = sr.annEPi0;
808  annEPi0EL = sr.annEPi0EL;
809  annNoCos = sr.annNoCos;
810  annENoCos = sr.annENoCos;
811  ismuon = sr.ismuon;
812  dedx0 = sr.dedx0;
813  dedx1 = sr.dedx1;
814  dedx2 = sr.dedx2;
815  dedx3 = sr.dedx3;
816  dedx4 = sr.dedx4;
817  dedx5 = sr.dedx5;
818  eglll = sr.eglll;
819  egllt = sr.egllt;
820  emulll = sr.emulll;
821  emullt = sr.emullt;
822  epi0lll = sr.epi0lll;
823  epi0llt = sr.epi0llt;
824  eplll = sr.eplll;
825  epllt = sr.epllt;
826  enlll = sr.enlll;
827  enllt = sr.enllt;
828  epilll = sr.epilll;
829  epillt = sr.epillt;
830  vtxgev = sr.vtxgev;
831  pi0mass = sr.pi0mass;
832  shwEFrac = sr.shwEFrac;
833  gap =;
834  costheta = sr.costheta;
835  elll = sr.elll;
836  ellt = sr.ellt;
837  eellll = sr.eellll;
838  eelllt = sr.eelllt;
839  mulll = sr.mulll;
840  mullt = sr.mullt;
841 }
float annENoCos
ann output, with E without cosTheta
Definition: SRJMEid.h:27
float gap
gap from vertex to start of shower
Definition: SRJMEid.h:57
float dedx4
Plane Dedx.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:40
float ann
ann output
Definition: SRJMEid.h:21
float epi0llt
Electron - Pi0 ll for ltransverse shower.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:47
float elll
electron ll for longitudinal shower
Definition: SRJMEid.h:61
float emullt
Electron - muon ll for ltransverse shower.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:45
float annEPi0EL
Definition: FlatJMEid.h:33
float eglll
Plane Dedx.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:42
float vtxgev
Energy of slice in vertex region.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:54
float epillt
Electron - pion ll for ltransverse shower.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:53
float eplll
Electron - proton ll for longitudinal shower.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:48
float epllt
Electron - proton ll for ltransverse shower.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:49
float epilll
Electron - pion ll for longitudinal shower.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:52
float shwEFrac
Definition: FlatJMEid.h:57
float dedx3
Plane Dedx.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:39
float annNoCos
ann output, without cosTheta
Definition: SRJMEid.h:26
float annNoCos
Definition: FlatJMEid.h:34
float ellt
electron ll for transverse shower
Definition: SRJMEid.h:62
int ismuon
Boolean to distinguish muons from electrons.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:28
float annEPi0EL
ann output, EPi0 Elastic scattering
Definition: SRJMEid.h:25
float annEL
ann output,
Definition: SRJMEid.h:23
float annE
ann output, with E
Definition: SRJMEid.h:22
float dedx1
Plane Dedx.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:37
float shwEFrac
fraction of energy of leading shower out of total energy of slice
Definition: SRJMEid.h:56
float annENoCos
Definition: FlatJMEid.h:35
float costheta
cosine of track with respect to beam direction
Definition: SRJMEid.h:58
float emulll
Electron - muon ll for longitudinal shower.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:44
float enllt
Electron - neutron ll for ltransverse shower.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:51
float enlll
Electron - neutron ll for longitudinal shower.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:50
float pi0mass
best pi0 mass hypothesis coming from combinations of JMShowers
Definition: SRJMEid.h:55
float costheta
Definition: FlatJMEid.h:59
float epi0lll
Electron - Pi0 ll for longitudinal shower.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:46
float eelllt
electron el ll for transverse shower
Definition: SRJMEid.h:64
float dedx0
Definition: SRJMEid.h:36
float dedx2
Plane Dedx.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:38
float egllt
Electron - gamma ll for ltransverse shower.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:43
float mullt
muon ll for transverse shower
Definition: SRJMEid.h:66
float dedx5
Plane Dedx.
Definition: SRJMEid.h:41
float annEPi0
ann output, EPi0
Definition: SRJMEid.h:24
float mulll
muon ll for longitudinal shower
Definition: SRJMEid.h:65
float eellll
electron el ll for longitudinal shower
Definition: SRJMEid.h:63

Member Data Documentation

float flat::FlatJMEid::ann

Definition at line 29 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::annE

Definition at line 30 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::annEL

Definition at line 31 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::annENoCos

Definition at line 35 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::annEPi0

Definition at line 32 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::annEPi0EL

Definition at line 33 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::annNoCos

Definition at line 34 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::costheta

Definition at line 59 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::dedx0

Definition at line 37 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::dedx1

Definition at line 38 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::dedx2

Definition at line 39 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::dedx3

Definition at line 40 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::dedx4

Definition at line 41 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::dedx5

Definition at line 42 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::eellll

Definition at line 62 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::eelllt

Definition at line 63 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::eglll

Definition at line 43 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::egllt

Definition at line 44 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::elll

Definition at line 60 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::ellt

Definition at line 61 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::emulll

Definition at line 45 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::emullt

Definition at line 46 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::enlll

Definition at line 51 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::enllt

Definition at line 52 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::epi0lll

Definition at line 47 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::epi0llt

Definition at line 48 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::epilll

Definition at line 53 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::epillt

Definition at line 54 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::eplll

Definition at line 49 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::epllt

Definition at line 50 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::gap

Definition at line 58 of file FlatJMEid.h.

int flat::FlatJMEid::ismuon

Definition at line 36 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::mulll

Definition at line 64 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::mullt

Definition at line 65 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::pi0mass

Definition at line 56 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::shwEFrac

Definition at line 57 of file FlatJMEid.h.

float flat::FlatJMEid::vtxgev

Definition at line 55 of file FlatJMEid.h.

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