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flat::FlatSandbox Class Reference

Flat encoding of SRSandbox. More...

#include "/cvmfs/"

Public Member Functions

 FlatSandbox (const std::string &prefix, TTree *tr, const IBranchPolicy *policy)
 ~FlatSandbox ()
void Fill (const caf::SRSandbox &sr)

Protected Attributes

FlatNueSandbox nue
FlatNumuSandbox numu
FlatNusSandbox nus
FlatNDSandbox nd

Detailed Description

Flat encoding of SRSandbox.

Definition at line 24 of file FlatSandbox.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

flat::FlatSandbox::FlatSandbox ( const std::string prefix,
TTree *  tr,
const IBranchPolicy policy 

Definition at line 383 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

384  : nue(prefix+"nue.", tr, policy),
385  numu(prefix+"numu.", tr, policy),
386  nus(prefix+"nus.", tr, policy),
387  nd(prefix+"nd.", tr, policy)
388 {
389 }
FlatNusSandbox nus
Definition: FlatSandbox.h:35
FlatNDSandbox nd
Definition: FlatSandbox.h:36
const XML_Char * prefix
Definition: expat.h:380
FlatNueSandbox nue
Definition: FlatSandbox.h:33
FlatNumuSandbox numu
Definition: FlatSandbox.h:34
flat::FlatSandbox::~FlatSandbox ( )

Definition at line 391 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

392 {
393 }

Member Function Documentation

void flat::FlatSandbox::Fill ( const caf::SRSandbox sr)

Definition at line 395 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

References flat::FlatNusSandbox::Fill(), flat::FlatNDSandbox::Fill(), flat::FlatNueSandbox::Fill(), caf::SRSandbox::nd, nd, caf::SRSandbox::nue, nue, caf::SRSandbox::numu, caf::SRSandbox::nus, and nus.

396 {
397  nue.Fill(sr.nue);
398  numu.Fill(sr.numu);
399  nus.Fill(sr.nus);
400  nd.Fill(sr.nd);
401 }
FlatNusSandbox nus
Definition: FlatSandbox.h:35
SRNusSandbox nus
Sandbox for group.
Definition: SRSandbox.h:28
void Fill(const caf::SRNueSandbox &sr)
Definition: FlatRecord.cxx:593
SRNDSandbox nd
Definition: SRSandbox.h:29
SRNumuSandbox numu
Sandbox for group.
Definition: SRSandbox.h:27
void Fill(const caf::SRNusSandbox &sr)
Definition: FlatRecord.cxx:865
FlatNDSandbox nd
Definition: FlatSandbox.h:36
void Fill(const caf::SRNDSandbox &sr)
Definition: FlatRecord.cxx:415
FlatNueSandbox nue
Definition: FlatSandbox.h:33
SRNueSandbox nue
Sandbox for group.
Definition: SRSandbox.h:26

Member Data Documentation

FlatNDSandbox flat::FlatSandbox::nd

Definition at line 36 of file FlatSandbox.h.

Referenced by Fill().

FlatNueSandbox flat::FlatSandbox::nue
FlatNumuSandbox flat::FlatSandbox::numu
FlatNusSandbox flat::FlatSandbox::nus

Definition at line 35 of file FlatSandbox.h.

Referenced by Fill().

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