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flat::FlatTrainingData Class Reference

Flat encoding of SRTrainingData. More...

#include "/cvmfs/"

Public Member Functions

 FlatTrainingData (const std::string &prefix, TTree *tr, const IBranchPolicy *policy)
 ~FlatTrainingData ()
void Fill (const caf::SRTrainingData &sr)

Protected Attributes

unsigned int parent
unsigned int interaction
unsigned int finalstate
unsigned int finalstateprong
unsigned int particles
float nuenergy
float lepenergy
double vtxx
double vtxy
double vtxz

Detailed Description

Flat encoding of SRTrainingData.

Definition at line 20 of file FlatTrainingData.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

flat::FlatTrainingData::FlatTrainingData ( const std::string prefix,
TTree *  tr,
const IBranchPolicy policy 

Definition at line 116 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

References compare_h5_caf::branch, file_size_ana::parent, vtxx, vtxy, and vtxz.

117 {
118  branch(tr, prefix+"parent", &parent, policy);
119  branch(tr, prefix+"interaction", &interaction, policy);
120  branch(tr, prefix+"finalstate", &finalstate, policy);
121  branch(tr, prefix+"finalstateprong", &finalstateprong, policy);
122  branch(tr, prefix+"particles", &particles, policy);
123  branch(tr, prefix+"nuenergy", &nuenergy, policy);
124  branch(tr, prefix+"lepenergy", &lepenergy, policy);
125  branch(tr, prefix+"vtxx", &vtxx, policy);
126  branch(tr, prefix+"vtxy", &vtxy, policy);
127  branch(tr, prefix+"vtxz", &vtxz, policy);
128 }
unsigned int finalstateprong
const XML_Char * prefix
Definition: expat.h:380
flat::FlatTrainingData::~FlatTrainingData ( )

Definition at line 130 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

131 {
132 }

Member Function Documentation

void flat::FlatTrainingData::Fill ( const caf::SRTrainingData sr)

Definition at line 134 of file FlatRecord.cxx.

References caf::SRTrainingData::finalstate, caf::SRTrainingData::finalstateprong, caf::SRTrainingData::interaction, caf::SRTrainingData::lepenergy, caf::SRTrainingData::nuenergy, caf::SRTrainingData::parent, file_size_ana::parent, caf::SRTrainingData::particles, caf::SRTrainingData::vtxx, vtxx, caf::SRTrainingData::vtxy, vtxy, caf::SRTrainingData::vtxz, and vtxz.

Referenced by flat::FlatTrainingBranch::Fill().

135 {
136  parent = sr.parent;
138  finalstate = sr.finalstate;
140  particles = sr.particles;
141  nuenergy = sr.nuenergy;
142  lepenergy = sr.lepenergy;
143  vtxx = sr.vtxx;
144  vtxy = sr.vtxy;
145  vtxz = sr.vtxz;
146 }
unsigned int interaction
Class of the event.
unsigned int parent
Class of the event by parent particle.
unsigned int particles
Class of the event by primary n prongs.
unsigned int finalstateprong
double vtxx
True vertex of X position.
double vtxz
True vertex of Z position.
double vtxy
True vertex of Y position.
float nuenergy
True energy of neutrino event.
unsigned int finalstate
Class of the event by final state.
unsigned int finalstateprong
float lepenergy
True energy of outgoing lepton.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int flat::FlatTrainingData::finalstate

Definition at line 31 of file FlatTrainingData.h.

unsigned int flat::FlatTrainingData::finalstateprong

Definition at line 32 of file FlatTrainingData.h.

unsigned int flat::FlatTrainingData::interaction

Definition at line 30 of file FlatTrainingData.h.

float flat::FlatTrainingData::lepenergy

Definition at line 35 of file FlatTrainingData.h.

float flat::FlatTrainingData::nuenergy

Definition at line 34 of file FlatTrainingData.h.

unsigned int flat::FlatTrainingData::parent

Definition at line 29 of file FlatTrainingData.h.

unsigned int flat::FlatTrainingData::particles

Definition at line 33 of file FlatTrainingData.h.

double flat::FlatTrainingData::vtxx

Definition at line 36 of file FlatTrainingData.h.

double flat::FlatTrainingData::vtxy

Definition at line 37 of file FlatTrainingData.h.

double flat::FlatTrainingData::vtxz

Definition at line 38 of file FlatTrainingData.h.

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